I deleted the “About” page and it knocked off the “Home” tab. Interesting. I’ve spent about 3 hours trying to put them back. I’ll probably spend about 3 more days trying to fix that little dealio. Kind of like slinging something in the garbage and watching the honking truck haul it down the street and then thinking I need that stuff. Come back.

In other news, my volunteer gig at the local hospital is going grand. I got in a bit of trouble yesterday, but as it turns out they didn’t say jack to me because I’m a volunteer. Instead, they turned nasty about something else. What kind of weirdo logic is that. Now, it’s not the immediate people I work with. They are sweet as apple pie. It’s the jack offs in HR, and not the people who do the actual work either but their lackeys. I had to ask what was going on. I found out it will take a few days for the proverbial shit to hit the fan. SHE (it’s always a she, isn’t it?) will have her boss write a memo to her boss who will contact my boss who might or might not say something to me. SHE-IT already. 

They’re tearing down the hospital because it’s not up to earthquake standards. Maybe they can leave her in there when knock it down. And I keep finding these gouges in the walls – in off beat places, like something blind is running down the corridors at a great speed and smacking into the wall at night.


7 Responses to “Hmmm”

  1. What is it about women and power? Significant Other is having one hell of a time at work because his boss, a woman, has decided she doesn’t like him. She’s doing everything she can to get SO to quit. Because of the slowdown in construction the company eliminated all the service techs except for SO, and when he couldn’t do the work of four she decided to cut his pay. Now she’s giving him work that is impossible to complete and filling his personnel file with bad and/or incomplete work orders. SO’s life has turned into a living hell, just because of one woman. I think the only reason she hasn’t fired him is because she doesn’t have the power to do so and he’s been with the company for 14 years and has a stellar reputation as the “go to guy” when it comes to troubleshooting problems. I’ve worked for men bosses and I’ve worked for women bosses, and I have to say I’d work with a man any day before I’d work for a woman. Sorry, about the rant, but I needed to vent.

  2. Can SO get her fired AZ? She’s the one that needs to be turned in to HR and written up. Your SO has been with the company for 14 and has a great rep. She’s the one with the problem – the BE-YATCH. Woman are difficult to work for, dang near impossible. I’ve worked for one, maybe two that were straight up, the rest had agendas and moods and children and wanted to use my back to get to the top of whatevah.

    Hey, I got a switchblade and a bottle of tequila…

  3. I think she’s good at her job, just not good with people. Like all construction businesses, they are struggling to stay in the black and that’s one of her strong points. The company was recently handed over to the sons of the original owner, I think they rely heavily on their support staff, and since she does a good job they keep her. This is the first time SO has had a female boss, it a totally new experience for him — I hope he survives.

  4. I’ve worked for both. Male and Female. Some good, some bad. If you have an asshole for a boss, it makes no diffedrence on the gender. In my humble opinion.

  5. In all my years of working I only remember one asshole male boss and he was a drunk. At least he had something going on I could figure out. Women? They just get a bee in their bonnet and boom.. they do something weird. Cannot work for them. I must say the one woman I really liked that I did work for was the best boss I ever had so I don’t know maybe I’m trying to generalize. As usual.

  6. The hospital where I trained took some major league damage during a quake in the 90s. Found out just the other day that they’ve built a new County, and they’re keeping the old one up since it’s an historic building! Sheeeit. I’d always wanted ringside seats for the demolition.

  7. Historic? I thought that was the whole deal? They HAD to knock the old ones down for safety reasons. WEIRD.

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