Umm, yeah. I blew my other blog outta the water. Why? Good question.  The other one was so well…unsophisticated. Crazy 57 bus – now that reeks of class. Yes, I’m going somewhere with this blog. And frankly, I had too many relatives reading the other one. People who found the thing “curious” or shall we say “odd.” So, you can come here and squat. You’re welcome to read and sit a spell, but be forewarned:
1) Cursing 
2) Weirdness in LARGE DOSES
3) I’m gonna talk about whatever the fuck I wanna talk about now that I’ve ditched some relatives.
4) Do NOT add me to your blogroll. DO NOT. If you do, I swear I will hit the delete key on this mother.
5) Very few pictures. The camera and I are having a bad argument and it is winning. 
6) There’s going to be whining. HA! And you thought there was a lot on the other one! You ain’t seen nothing.
7) I am making NO attempt to curb my discussion of farting. NONE. I tried on the other blog. Not this one.

So, ummm, that’s about it. I’m off to invite my two fav commentors to my new blog, if they even want to come on o’er here. Maybe not. Rules have changed. I’ve got my switchblade out and I’m waving it around in the air with a bottle of tequila. They might not like it.  On the other hand, they’re pretty hardy. Well, if they don’t come over here. I’ll probably press the delete key one more time.

4 Responses to “WTF”

  1. Where did that emoticon come from? I have no idea.

  2. This does have a classy look to it and much easier on the eyes. Let it all hang out…well most of it, grin. Glad you are up and running so quick.

  3. Wait a second, give me a minute to get my bearings… all new format, new colors, gotta get used to white lettering on black, and white lettering on gray/green comment box. Yep, looks pretty good — like the header even if I don’t know if it is a sunset or a sunrise, like the punch of red here and there, don’t see you, but I think I smell a fart.

    Ya Hoo! Your back!

  4. I am up and running, sort of. I’m looking for the admin screen, Steve. There are a few things screwed up on my end, per the usual, like the time and the title. That is why you don’t see the title up there. I’m trying to turn off the comment moderation too. I haven’t been successful at any of these things.

    The white on black may not stay AZ. It is driving me a little batty but I figure the posts are going to be shorter because of all the farting.

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