The thing came back last night. This time it dug a hole in the driveway. The driveway is concrete. I’d take a picture but the camera and I are taking it to the World Wrestling Federation as I type. I was keeping the dog door closed to keep the varmint from coming in the house and eating the dog food. Now, I’m keeping the dog door down for my safety. IT DUG THROUGH CONCRETE. There’s some sort of brother or father or friar over at the hospital. All I know is he has holy water. Next time I see him, I’m asking him over for dinner. I’ll be subtle and say, “Oh by the way, bring your holy water. I got a little problem with a chupacabra.”

5 Responses to “Chupacabra”

  1. Try bitter apple. It keeps ferrets from biting socks, it’ll probably keep chupacabras from eating concrete 😉

  2. You might need more than a father to stop by with water. It does sound kind of freaky.

  3. I’ll try it, Kluft.

    It is getting freaky, Steve. Too freaky for me. I’m going to shoot the thing if I see it. Redneck vengeance.

  4. Seriously? It dug a hole in your driveway? At least tell me that the concrete in your driveway is old and cracked, and that a little prodding and scratching is all that is required to damage it. If that’s not the case maybe you ought to set some traps and try to catch what ever it is, cause I’d love to see it — in the light of day if at all possible, I sure has heck don’t want to run into it a night!

  5. Okay, SO says that the hole was already there. He says it only dug dirt out of the hole. I’m vision impaired. I think the Chup dug a hole in the concrete because it’s a Chup. I’m shooting it if I see it.

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