The Lanyard


2 Responses to “The Lanyard”

  1. I’m at a loss, the poem was touching and funny and reawakened emotions from my past. I was lucky nothing went unsaid before my Mother died, my last visit with her was spent, just talking, woman to woman, about everything and anything. She knew how much she meant to me, and she said she never worried about me because I was just like her, that I’d probably get myself into a pickle now and then, but I would always get myself out. We were kindred spirits, I miss her still. And yes, somewhere in the twenty-three years we were together I made her a pink and white lanyard.

  2. I just loved the poem too, AZ. It is so true of childhood. I also loved your story. I know I am always harping (because I’m a harpy?) – you should get a blog.

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