Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?


6 Responses to “Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?”

  1. I got dizzy and fell of my chair watching it.

  2. We don’t have squirrels where I live, but I think if you put out seed for birds you ought to consider that an all out invitation to all things wild to come and join in.

  3. LOL, Steve.

    That is the craziest squirrel proof feeder I have ever seen. The only reason we have a squirrel proof one AZ is that they eat the feeder. Our other one was plastic and they literally ate it. The one we have now is metal and it is caged. The squirrels are welcome to eat the seed that falls on the ground. They do come and eat some of that.

  4. My bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world had a problem with critters chewing threw her bird seed storage containers. She said the squirrels were aware that the seed was inside the container so they were trying their best to make all containers “self serve.” I was sitting on her patio and out ran a rat and he made a B-line for the storage container. I called my bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world and told her she didn’t have squirrels, she had rats. She said “NO, I have a ground squirrel,” just then Mr. Rat jumped out of the container and ran under her house. Mystery solved, I named him Edgar. After a week or so Edgar moved his girlfriend in.

  5. Well, you know we already had one rat-o in the house. I hope another has not come back. I had a dang hard time killing the first one. He was really cute and smart.

  6. I kind of laughed at your comment. No one wants to think they have rats in their house.

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