Mylar Balloons

What is it about mylar balloons? They are so fantastic with their metallic coloring, floating like a dream on a ribbon. They bounce around the gift shop at the hospital. I stare at them when I go in there unable to help myself. I’m a crow, attracted by the shiny. I bought 3 of the mylars today. The gift shop was having a special – 3 for $10. I said the balloons were for my neighbor’s kids. I did give them to the kids and the kids loved them. But what I didn’t say is I wanted to bring that little bit of magic home with me, drag it on the bus for everyone to see. I knew where the neighbor kids with stick them too – in the front room of their house where I could see them every time I walked by, bobbing with the breeze of the open window.


3 Responses to “Mylar Balloons”

  1. I read about a guy who connected a lot of baloons to his lounge chair, wanting to take a short flight. Good idea, but I don’t think it worked out well. We’re heading out of town in the morning and will be back at the end of the week. I’ll catch up on your posts when I get back.

  2. A few years ago there was a newspaper article here in the valley that requested that people stop using Mylar balloons outdoors because they were the cause of a lot of power failures. I guess because of their metallic coating when they come into contact with power lines things get shorted out. Who knew?

  3. Have a good time, Steve. I found a YouTube about your guy for you when you get back. Unbelievable story even if the words are out of sync.

    Yeah, AZ. There’s all kinds of regulations on the mylar now. They have to have weights on them to hold them down and no flying outside. But they sure are purty.

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