The Blue Angels’ Economy

This week is fleet week. The Blue Angels are in town. What does that mean? It means me, with my limited vision, riding into town on the transbay bus. Just as the bus bounces over the bay bridge, I look out the window. I think I see a flying saucer, and I scream, “LOOK!” Everyone on the bus turns and stares, but it was worth it. The Angels were flying in formation, level with the bridge, and as all the riders turn their heads, the Angels fire up their con trails and blast away toward the horizon. Spectacular.

Changing the subject entirely…the economy. SUCKS. I don’t know if we will recover. How can we? Who is going to pay for the bail out? Us. With what? Taxes? Who has a job left? Don’t look at me. Hey. You idiots in D.C. have fucked us over. You know that? We didn’t want the bail out. You aren’t friends of ours. We didn’t want to bail out your rich spoiled asses. Our friends are people who worked at jobs for 14 years, who are now standing in unemployment lines.


4 Responses to “The Blue Angels’ Economy”

  1. Seeing the Blue Agnels would have been nice. As for the economy, you got it right. It sucks. Europe isn’t doing too good at the moment either. It doesn’t make a rat’s ass who gets elected, no matter what they promise, it’s going to be a long haul before things get back to what we think of as normal.

  2. Speaking of gloom and doom during the summer the oven on my stove went bonkers, the temp was set at 350, according to my “Vermont Castings, Inc.” removable thermo thingie read 600. WTF! So it was the middle of summer and I’m not going to use the oven so I say to myself “Self, put off the repair until later because the economy sucks.” This morning I doing laundry and during the spin cycle I start smelling burning rubber or burning plastic, I check my laundry and the spin cycle isn’t working. WTF! Everything appliance we own is only five years old and they are all going bonkers NOW! I hate appliances!

  3. I know you’re right Steve. It really stinks.

    AZ, that is so horrible. Like you need a busting batch of crap right now. NOT. Those appliances need to straighten up and fly right or you’re gonna push them to the curb.

  4. AZ, I know that people claim manufactures make products with a built in obsolescence, but I disagree. Yes, products die, almost always after the warranty has expired, and the makers are happy to provided a replacement, at a cost, or repair them, also at a cost. And I know that manufactures could make products that last longer, but they would cost more than the competitors products, and wouldn’t sell. We are the victims that end up buying these disposable items. I say disposable because even though we would like to use them for a very long time, that’s what we’ll end up doing, sooner, than later. I wish I had the money for the coffee pots, toasters, and vacuum cleaners that I’ve replaced. Perhaps if I had paid a little more for a better one, they would have lasted a little longer, perhaps not. As for Stoves and Washers, I haven’t replaced them as often, but I have replaced them. Cars last a little longer, but we tend to get rid of them early before the repairs get too expensive. I guess that’s the American way of life.

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