Sear’s Crisper

I ordered a replacement crisper for my Kenmore refrigerator because mine broke. See the comment’s discussion about the cheap shit on stoopid appliances and other cheap shit. How does this happen? Lettuce ain’t all that heavy, folks. The replacement crisper was $113.85 with tax and shipping. Yeah, that’s right. $113.85 for a plastic bin that does not include its plastic face. That was extra. I waved that off because I am cheap and I’m gonna rip the other one off the old crisper and use it.

The new crisper came today and it was broken. Broken in the box. WTF, Sears? And that means WHAT THE FUCK? That new crisper is even more poorly made than the one that came with the refrigerator AND it had one lame piece of paper twirled around in a circle which I guess was the packing material? Weird. Or queer as we used to say back in the day before it meant gay. And it had some bong marks on it like it was used. USED. Scrape marks too. And the grossest thing. Dried food was stuck on it. I don’t get that part. Did someone return it and Sears box it up and send this nasty broken thing to me? Did they think I wanted it? I scrubbed the food off because it was just too gacky gross. Then I stopped and called Sears 800 number. The scrape and bong marks would not come off. And the cracked part was simply cracked. Go Sears. Go to hell.


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  1. worldphotos Says:

    True Story, I swear. When I was a kid, my dad ordered a Craftman tool boxt from Sears. It was missing a wrench. He either called them or stopped by and told them about the missing wrench. A week later a complete toolbox showed up in the mail. Someone made a mistake, but my dad was smart enough not to send it back. Two for the price of one, minus a wrench. That doesn’t happen too often.

  2. Okay, everyone is sharing about Sear’s appliances, so I’m joining in. Remember I mentioned a couple of comments ago that my oven died, well I was watching Oprah and she had a lady on that said she cut $200 off her electric bill by unplugging her appliances when they weren’t in use, so I unplugged my stove and microwave that night in a month long experiment to see how much energy appliances at rest use. In the morning I plugged in the stove and I noticed that some functions that weren’t working on the touchpad were working again, I turned on the oven (which didn’t work at all) and the oven worked fine. So a word to the wise if you have a Whirlpool oven with a touchpad that goes nuts just unplug and plug it in again and everything fixes itself.

    I wasn’t as lucky with my washer that lost its spin cycle. We went to significant other’s son’s house last Saturday and he said his washer did the very same thing and all he did was unplug it and plug it in again and the spin cycle just started working again. So I tell significant other to hook the sucker up, but he wouldn’t do it. We already had an appointment set up with Sears for Monday — the repair man arrived and plugged the sucker in and the spin cycle worked like a charm, and we got to pay him $70 for the privilege of hearing him say “I can’t find anything wrong with it.” I hate appliances!

  3. AZ, not the first time I’ve heard something like that. This past spring, I was out ready to mow the moss/grass in the backyard with my electric mower. Damn thing wouldn’t make a sound. I made sure it was plugged in an checked the cable. No problems, but the damn mower was dead. Okay, I thought, I’ll use the weed wacker to get some of the tall grass. I hadn’t used it in over a year. I plugged it in and guess what. Nothing. I was getting pissed and told my wife, I’d set the old mower and whacker out on junk day. I was about ready to go check out the prices of a new electric mower, when my wife asked. “Are you sure the cable is okay?” I brought the whacker into the living room and pluged it into an outlet. You saw this comming. Worked like a charm. I had another cable that I strung out through the window and plugged into the mower. You saw this comming also. Worked like a charm. Needless to say, the old cable went out on junk day. I was looking for something a lot harder than an electric cable that didn’t work. It worked the last time I used it. I guess this is sort of like having a major computer problem and finding out it’s unplugged. Good on you and your appliances. Sorry about the $70.

  4. I did something similar, I was mowing the yard and I had adjusted the height of the blade because I wanted to cut the grass short so I could fertilize it. As I made a pass the blade caught a tall thick patch of grass and started to bog down, then it just stopped. I figured I just burned up the motor, but I have two electric mowers so I went and go the second one and plugged it in and nada, but I’m smart I pulled out the extension cord and plugged my weed whacker directly into the wall plug and nothing. So, I meander over to the breaker box and sure nuff I had tripped the breaker. So I reset the breaker and tried the mower again and it worked, then I went back to close the breaker box door — took me 10 minutes of trying, couldn’t close it to save my butt, had to get the Mr. to close it for me. So I’m pretty handy except for the easy stuff, the easy stuff kicks my butt every time.

  5. I’m always suspicious of the chords and breaker boxes. Grew up on a farm and I’ve seen to many blown fuses and breakers. You know, Steve, I got the same speech from Sears. They told me to keep the cracked and craped on crisper they sent me for 3 days and if they didn’t recall it, I could keep it. I told them they needed to come and pick up their garbage. I didn’t want it.

    AZ, the last repair to my washer was because I let the lid slam down on it and it broke that sensor in the lid that tells the machine to fill water. That cost me $70 too. It’s a racket. No more lid slamming.

    I think of my tractor days – bushhogging to be exact where I could run over small trees. NOTHING HAPPENED! ZAP the tree was down. They should make appliances like that. MOWED DOWN! Now, I have a lawnmower that looks like a Hasbro toy.

  6. sears. Bah. We bought a stove from them that never worked right. NEVER. and the oven doesn’t heat up consistently. Then when we went on vacation the house had the same type of Kenmore stove and the SAME damn problems. Even the little huffy breath thing with the oven.

  7. Doesn’t look like Sears is doing too well in this pole. Bah on you Sears.

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