Just Say No

I love this freakin’ video. Wanda Sykes is hilarious. I want to see her live so bad. I will be first in line to buy tickets.

I was sent the vid by a friend, and when I originally viewed it, this stinking ad came up next to Wanda. So, I bit on the “Learn More” click through. The following is one of the sentences from ProtectMarriage.com.

”People can be sued for their personal beliefs if they refuse to accept gay marriage.”

WTF? Who is writing this shite? And what do they want to say? This sounds like, “Your car is vacationing on Mars and when it gets back it may have some disease that is going to infest most of Michigan, and oil will leak out your bum.” I’m really not following. Let’s break this thing into parts

1) People can be sued for their personal beliefs. Are you kidding me? This is Oakland. Take a number. Get in the back of the fucking line of the court system and wait behind the criminals accused of robbing the 7/11

2) If they refuse to accept gay marriage. This sounds like a credit card fraud. “We have refused to accept your gay marriage here at Nordstrom. Put down that marriage certificate and step away from it before we call store security.

As far as I can tell, it’s crazy talk. Crazy Talk with a capital C and a capital T. I have a NO on 8 sign in my yard and one in my window. I was a proud witness to my friends’ Diane and Ruth’s wedding June 16 of this year. It kills me every time I hear of a Yes on 8 rally in our immediate area where the angry people in the name of their “God” scream “faggots” and call people “nasty.” I moved here, running from small town prejudice of a different sort. In all honesty, in these last few weeks, I have been ashamed of what I have heard and seen from some of these people. I adore my friends. My friends love each and want to remain married. I refer to Diane and Ruth as Good Hearts because they are just that – people with good hearts, and these are the people some work so hard to legally separate. Why? They don’t work so hard to separate me from my husband. I believe this is what you call prejudice.


7 Responses to “Just Say No”

  1. She’s funny. I’ve seen her on Leno numerous times.

  2. I’m with you, I think Wanda’s a hoot and a half!

    I think the people at “ProtectMarriage.com” need to get a life, they have to much time on their hands. Just the time it took to write all that dribble could have been better spent painting a house for an elderly person.

  3. I think she’s hilarious but Leno’s too late for me these days.

    I agree with you AZ and the dribble doesn’t even make sense.

  4. Hey, it’s Halloween evening here in Germany. We had more kids stop by than in the past three years. What the hell is going on. I did buy a couple of bags of goodies, but ate one of them before tonight. We did have some other items on hand, so haven’t run out. I didn’t even carve a pumkin and put a candle in it. I guess, German kids are getting orientated by the retailers, just like in the states.

  5. We had a lot of trick or treators too. I was amazed. More than we have ever had. I don’t know what is going on either Steve. I laughed about you eating the candy. We had the same problem in our household.

  6. the absolute best response to teh Christians, ever. That is if you’re trying to convince them and not tell them to bugger off azzzholes.

  7. WOW! Kate, I just now got around to reading that. Is that not the most wonderfully written piece? I like the comments too. Thanks for sharing that. Great.

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