McCain vs. Obama

5 Responses to “McCain vs. Obama”

  1. I kept hearing about this video on the news, but I was to lazy to look for it on Youtube. Thanks for doing the lookin’ up for me, someone spent a lot of time putting that video together for our amusement.

  2. Where was Biden. I know he can dance.

  3. What? Oh, I don’t watch TV AZ so I didn’t know anything about it. You know what I do late at night when I can’t sleep is I get on YouTube and they have something at the top that plays of what other people are watching and that is where I see a lot of these things. I thought this thing was hilarious.

    Oh Steve, thanks for the set up line but you know WHITE MEN CAN’T DANCE and that includes Biden. Of course I can’t dance either.

  4. What do you mean WHITE MEN CAN’T DANCE? Saturday Night Fever, John T. He could dance. Oh, yeah, it was a movie. Just kidding.

  5. Okay, the exception is Travolta. He can dance AND he is cool.

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