Hockey Mom for Obama


9 Responses to “Hockey Mom for Obama”

  1. the piano playing reindeer is what I like. Or maybe he’s a moose.

  2. He’s great, isn’t he?

  3. I had a hard time listening. Guess I’m not much of an Opera fan. Don’t watch much hockey either.

  4. I couldn’t watch it all the way through, nothing more grating on the nerves than a bad opera singer.

  5. Oh poo. I thought she was really funny. Guess I’m tone deaf, as suspected, explains why I think dogs howling at the fire engines are so dang funny.

  6. One man’s (or one Woman’s) jell-O, is another man’s (or Woman’s) cottage cheese. I like both, but not at the same time. I also like buttermilk and biscuits, but no greens, thank you.

  7. Oh buttermilk. No can do. Nor greens. That’s almost sacrilegious as a rerouted Southerner. Now cottage cheese – I eat that every day. Someone will probably determine it’s a carcinogen and then most of America will know why they got cancer. I’ll go on a speaking tour, “Yep, I got the breast cancer because back in the day they thought cottage cheese was healthy eating and I ate it EVERY DAY. Can you imagine?”

  8. LaRae Meadows Says:

    Singing Hockey Mama for ObamaThe Singing Hockey Mama for Obama gives an exclusive interview to LaRae Meadows.View more ยป

  9. Great article LaRae. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the link. I really enjoyed reading the article.

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