Voting? or Not.

I went up to the corner to vote and my significant other’s name was on the roster, but mine wasn’t. How does this happen? HOW HOW HOW and HOW? So, the nice man at the polling station suggested I had not lived in my home at that address very long. I reminded him I recognized him and half of the volunteer workers at the polling station BECAUSE I HAD LIVED AT MY ADDRESS FOR 9 DAMN YEARS. They let me vote provisionally. Provisionally, with the caveat that my vote might be thrown out. Tossed like a rotted tomato. So much for democracy.

In other news, PG & E who has been trying to correct the name on our electric bill for 2 1/2 years told me to wait one more month, and it would magically be fixed. I told them I would not wait one more month for magic to occur because, you know what, there is no magic at PG & E. I did the final deed. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and as always I was put on hold, a supervisor was contacted, the problem was magically found, and corrected. I guess I was wrong. There is magic at PG & E. It is called, “A Supervisor.”


2 Responses to “Voting? or Not.”

  1. Another great post that has me laughing like a school boy. Forget that. I really can’t remember how I laughed as a school boy, but it got me laughing. You should have asked for a supervisor at the polling station. When you wake up in the morning, things will have changed. Not sure what, but I’m sure there’s something.

  2. Things sure did change. About as changed as they could get.

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