This ‘N That

My brother cut off his ISP about a month ago. He was the last living person on a dial up modem. There were words between my brother and AO-Hell. My brother told AO-Hell that AO-Hell could stick his 56K where the sun doesn’t shine. He has been internet-less about a month. I don’t think he misses it.

For some reason “$12 million dollars” keeps rattling around in my brain. I wish I knew why. I think I have Tourrettes Syndrome of the thought process. My brain keeps shouting it out for no reason. I wish I could tie it to something.

I went to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park today. We stood in the long line to go into the “rain forest.” The exhibit was nice with exotic butterflies flitting around and brightly colored birds darting here and there. But I caught one of the naughty birds half hidden by a large leaf ripping up one of the bright blue butterflies and eating him. He was a fat bird, and I’m sure he was well fed. I kind of think he knew what he was doing, and I don’t think it was the first butterfly he’d snacked on.

Don’t ya just hate when people are rude to you, particularly in front of other people. Seems to happen to me a lot. Makes me dance like a crazy person. I wish I had a good retort for them, and I end up trying to please them, set things right, smooth things over. I need to just stop reacting. I should just let them be and let them act like the fucking rude jerks they are, and go on about my own business.


3 Responses to “This ‘N That”

  1. $12 million. Could be a premonition. Buy a lottery ticket. Germany is a quiet place to live, for the most part. Crime isn’t high and I generally feel safe in most places. But, Germans can be rude without thinking about it. Perhaps I think it’s rude, being an American living here. They are a sociable race and it’s pretty evident when they run into friends or neighbors. Normally not a problem, but when you are in town or in a store and a group stops in the middle of the walkway or aisle to hold a reunion, hindering the flow, it’s down right annoying. I’ve said excuse me hundreds of times, letting various groups know I want by. I’ve even gently shouldered my way through, saying excuse me as I did. I consider it impolite and rude. They think nothing of it. Just the way things are.

  2. I attract rude people like a magnet, one day I went to the grocery store and when someone blocked the isle I would say “excuse me” and they would turn and glare at me like I didn’t know my place. I got so upset that I decided I wouldn’t say “excuse me” if someone left their grocery cart in the middle of the isle I’d just grab it and move it aside, when I did move someone’s grocery cart she glared at me and said “you should say excuse me.” I can’t win. So now I just stand there while people block the isle, I don’t say anything I just stand there and glare at them until they feel my eyes digging holes in their backs, sometimes they move and other times I just whip a U-turn and go back the way I came.

    I’ve got two lottery tickets sitting in front of me I’m hoping that the number rattling around your head is something meant for me like “naan” and all the other things that we seem to communicate to each other.

  3. I didn’t know Germans were kind of rude. Kind of like the French I suppose. I see it here a lot. People won’t get out of the way on sidewalks. I’ll step aside twice but after that, I’m a bull in a china shop.

    Dang AZ. I hope you cash in on the lotto. THat would be really cool. THe latest word bouncing around in my head is dirt dobber. Wonder what that means.

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