Tex-ass and Such

I’m going to Tex-ass. Yup. I say it like that because I’m from Tennessee. Tennesseans do NOT like Texans. Why? Ain’t it obvious? Texans kilt Davy Crocket. Remember the Alamo, and never forgit it neither.

In other news, it was 80 degrees here today. Now, AZ, maybe it was 80 where you live, but that is in Arizona. 80 degrees here is just too dang hot for November. We broke all sorts of mindless records.

In more other news, I have a lot of homework to do for these writing classes I am taking, and I find I don’t do a lot of it because I am old and don’t care any more. Another thing I don’t care about is how much dog hair is blowing through my house. Tons. So much so that it makes up another whole dog who needs vaccinations. Who knew vaccinations was spelled with two “c’s?”

In still more news, Oakland has some Hydrogen Full Cell buses. AC Transit keeps saying they don’t smell. Well, yes they do. I’m pretty sure it’s the bus that’s stinking like rotten eggs and not the people on it. I can’t smell a whole lot of things but I can smell gas fumes and apparently hydrogen. My brother (the one in Georgia) informs me some hydrogen vehicle blew up in his neck of the woods. Oh boy! I can hardly wait for our turn.


7 Responses to “Tex-ass and Such”

  1. I’ve been to Tex-ass, had to drive through it to get to Kans-ass. It was hot and it was a boring drive except for Dallas/Fortworth area that was terrifying at rush hour!

    Eighty degrees is great, after surviving the long hot summer 80 is a walk in the park. I guess what makes it nice is that the nights are so cool that the house doesn’t have time to heat up during the day. I’d prefer 70 degrees, but anything is better than 117.

    I Googled hydrogen everybody says its odorless. I don’t know if there are any hydrogen vehicles in Phoenix, but I’ll keep an eye open and if I find one I’m gonna sniff it!

  2. You gals have given me a good laugh. Thanks. In the late 70s, my wife and I drove through Tex-ass. We were going from California to Virginia. It took us two day to get through the large state of Tex-ass, and I was glad to get out of there. It was in December and there was lots of frezeeing rain. I have a good friend that lives there, but I don’t hold that against him.

  3. Damn. I ain’t never been to Kans-ass. That beat it all. I agree that Dallas/Fort Worth is terrifying traffic. I got lost once and drove around that loop twice before I realized I was looping.

    AZ, please go find some hydrogen vehicles. I swear people keep swearing the hydrogen is odorless. It is not. I swear it is not and it’s not the people in the bus that are stinking. Okay, they do stink, but differently. That hydrogen is stinking.

    My daughter-in-law lives in Tex-ass, Steve. I love her dearly but I am starting to hold this against her. I mean for God’s sake she lives in Tex-ass and they killed The Man – Davy Crockett, King of The Wild Frontier, according to Walt Disney, at least.

  4. I was wondering why spell-check kept stopping on Fortworth! It’s Fort Worth, two words — silly me. What is it with stinky people? Every time I go to the grocery store some “stinker” walks past me and almost knocks me down with their odor. I can’t believe they can’t smell themselves, surely their family members must point out that they stink and that a shower is in order.

    Kans-ass was memorable because a farmer approached my husband (the southern boy), pointed to me and said in a very loud voice “WHAT IS SHE?” I guess back in the 70’s ethnic people didn’t go to Kans-ass. I guess he wanted an ethnic rundown, but I was so proud when my southern boy answered “SHE’S MY WIFE.”

  5. gallimaufrieswiththat Says:

    Texas, or as we call it, Suxass. What on earth makes you want to go THERE? Yeesh! Or yeehah.

    We found a few good restaurants there. One was an empanada place that rocked. And, eventually, we got used to Tex-Mex, but never really liked it.

  6. LOL! Suxass. We are going there for Thanksgiving. That is it. I hope I survive.

  7. Hey AZ. Somehow I totally missed your comment and it was great! I can’t believe people – Ummm oh yes I can. Your husband’s response was THE BEST!!!! I’d have loved to see the look on that ole Kans-ass boy’s face, the dult’s.

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