Dreaming up Boot Fish

What is it about dreams that come from drugs? How come they are so colorful? Vivid? There is the fish that flies. He is accidentally trapped in our cottage, pounding against the warbled windows. He looks like a black boot with wings and a tail. The fish longs for the high rising blue surf and refuses to eat. We try to catch him, but he is a fast flyer. Our cottage picks itself up and moves to a place with green blowing pine trees and snow-capped mountains. The boot fish is dying. His skin hangs on his skeleton. He rattles the glass as he bangs on the windows.

We race to save his life, opening our blue wooden front door and running to our small European car with the grey felt interior. The fish flies behind like an airborne dog. All four of us, including the fish, cram ourselves inside our tiny car. We drive like crazy people down the mountainside toward the beach. The cottage watches but does not follow. The fish beats excitedly on the car’s windowpane. As we reach the stone sea wall, I roll the car’s window down. The fish flies forward. Two more boot fish fly up to greet him from the opposite side of the sea wall. They hover, but we cannot stop.

Traffic is bad. We must continue into town. I have to see a man about getting a bandaid tattoo burned on my left shoulder. The tattoo is a replica of my friend Zenith’s.


3 Responses to “Dreaming up Boot Fish”

  1. The only drug induced dream I can remember is when I had my tonsils taken out, while I was under the influence of ether I dreamt of colorful monsters that looked like cartoon cats when getting electrocuted, just eyes and mouths surrounded by colorful spikes of color, I was terrified and fascinated simultaneously.

  2. YEOW! That one sounds like LSD. I never have dreamed of cartoon cats. Real ones – yes, but not the cartoon ones.

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