Christmas, etc.

I hate Christmas. I like tax season better. It’s a lot more fun. The husband takes care of that.

We have some clandestine dog popper coming through our neighborhood and crapping on everyone’s yard. This is not a new thing. It’s been going on a couple of month’s. We just can’t catch the guy with his dog. The neighbors are all sick of him. I picked up about 10 pounds of dog crap – that wasn’t mine or my neighbor’s dogs today. So today, I made signs and put them in all the neighbor’s yards and on all the phone poles where the idiot can see them tomorrow. “Pick up after your dog. We’re tired of DOING IT!”


8 Responses to “Christmas, etc.”

  1. I had a car that sat outside. The local cats would like to walk across it and leave theie paw prints all over. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t catch or stop them. I wanted to buy a dog and have him sleep under the car, but I didn’t. It was finally solved. The car died and went to the junkyard. I hated those damn cats.

  2. My cats loved sitting on cars, but my cats stayed in their own yard and sat on our vehicles, but once the Mr.’s ex-wife came over in her brand new car and one of my cats jumped on her car and made herself comfy. The ex was beside herself, she said “can you get your cat off my car.” I said ask her to get off and she will. So ex walked over to her car and said “Missy, get off my car.” And Missy got off. Ya gotta love an intelligent cat that understands English!

    As for dog pooh, I think the worst thing that’s ever happened (twice) is that people walking could collect the pooh in a bag and then sling the bag into our back yard, I mean how crude!

  3. Those damn cats are all over my neighborhood. Our neighbor on the corner is feeding the whole lot of ferals. We have talked to her but I think she is retarded. I know there is some politically correct word for retarded now but I can’t think of it because I am brain damaged. And there is some politically correct word for brain damaged but I can’t think of it. Damn cats.

    You know Steve, I was thinking of something the other day. Have you ever seen squirrel poo? I never have. Now our neighborhood is cover in cat poo and now dog poo, but I have never seen squirrel poo.

    AZ, that is the nastiest thing I have ever heard and they have to sling it over a big ole bricko block wall too in Arizona. I mean it’s not like that is some sort of accident. HOW GROSS. SACK ‘O POO–> INCOMING!

  4. This stoopid wordpress generates links at the top of the comments under a title “Possibly Related Posts.” You know what the link is generating right now?
    How to be a great neighbor
    I mean we are talking about idiots slinging sacks of dog crap into other people’s yards. Hey Auto Generator, learn to read and gain a little sensitivity, Stoop.

  5. I clicked on “How to be a great neighbor” she’s having poo problems of her own :0) !

    One day I was standing in my back yard when two banana peels came flying over the block wall, I couldn’t believe it when two little black faces appeared at the top of the wall, I guess they wanted to see where their banana peels landed, but what they saw was a very unhappy woman looking right at them — they let go of the wall in a panic and I could hear their feet smacking the pavement making a hasty retreat, to funny! I guess they learned their lesson, because I haven’t have any more INCOMING fruit peels.

  6. Driver, I have never seen squirrel poo, or if I have I didn’t recognize it.

  7. I wonder if I can get a government research grant to find out where all the squirrel poo is going to. Like for $50,000 or something.

  8. AZ, they threw banana peels over? What the heck.

    When I lived in AZ I had this angry little black dog that did NOT like people swimming in my pool. We had an older pool that did not have a child fence on it. When I was cutting the bushes in the spring I found the tails of two children’s shirts in the bushes that had been ripped off. I had to assume the dog had done it. She did it before it TN when people trespassed. Kids were always thinking they could take a quick dip until Nigel launched out the dog door.

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