Jesus and the Little Dog

I dreamed a Hispanic Jesus took communion in a country church with a lot of wooden pews and beams, yellow lighting and blue stained glass. Hispanic Jesus was sitting on a tractor, and the tractor had the Bush Hog attached and lowered. A Bush Hog’s a pneumatically powered implement dangling off the back of a tractor that mows down everything it comes in contact with. A Bush Hog ingests vegetation, up to and including small trees, and it has been known to accidentally devour rabbits and feet.

After I woke up I got to thinking about the significance of the dream. What was that about? Christ symbolically eating his own body and drinking his own blood…sitting on tractor with the Bush Hog, attached and lowered, ready to engage, but not running. Can’t decide what the meaning was other than I ate some funky mushrooms with slippery stems for dinner. I perhaps should avoid those in the future.

In other news, the little dog is sick. She’s 15 this year. That’s enough to make anyone sick. That’s 105 in human years. We’ve got her on some anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories and anti-this and that, but she’s still walking like a drunken sailor. Her ears are blocked and she can’t hear us. The big dog, the big goof, is running over her, like she’s not even there. The big dog is not malicious, just a few bricks shy of a full load. I swear the big dog never looks at her feet to see what’s down there. She’s smashed my foot many a time. I’m hoping the little dog will make a come back. Her kidneys are a tad off too. That part is not good. Somehow we are supposed to capture some urine. My husband is devising something because I have no ingenuity left about such things. The little dog only has about 1cm clearance when she squats. The husband has promised little dog urine to the vet’s by Friday. I hope he succeeds.


7 Responses to “Jesus and the Little Dog”

  1. Dreams and dog urine. I think it would be easier to figure out the dream than make a collection from little dog. Good luck.

  2. The vet where I took my cats would reach under the cat squeeze and BINGO urine sample on the examination table ready to be collected. Maybe cats and dogs are different, but as I recall when my little dog’s kidneys were failing they also took urine samples involuntarily by manipulating the dog’s bladder.

    As for brown Jesus on a tractor dragging a brush hog you have one heck of an imagination, I never dream like that, come to think of it I haven’t dreamed anything recently. I wonder if one’s ability to dream diminishes with age?

  3. The urine collector is assembled and by the back door. I should take a picture of it, but I’m too lazy. It is a masterpiece, but that is my hubby, Mr. Lab man. Then he wanted to take the urine to his lab and run it. Yes, I did put my foot down. In the urine? no.

    You know, AZ, I don’t know why they couldn’t get some dog urine like that.

    I think you need those mushroom to dream. They are something else. Tiny with slick stems.

  4. Are you talkin’ about enoki mushrooms? Love them little boogers!

  5. WOW! How did you know what I was talking about with such a lame description AZ? That is getting downright scary. I looked up a picture on the intraweb. That’s them. Hubby does the shopping. I tag along and talk the neighbors. Yeppers. That’s my function – talking. Those little mushrooms are yummy but talking about dreaming – weird and in brilliant colors. But even stranger – how in the world did you even know what I was talking about? I don’t cook but aren’t there hundreds of ‘rooms in this world that might fill that description?

  6. We is cosmically connected that’s all I can say!

  7. LOL! Apparently.

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