Julie’s Car

Julie lives up the hill from me a couple of blocks. Last week a couple of CHP chased some n’er do well off the interstate, smashing him into 6 parked cars in front of Julie’s house. The n’er do well jumped outta his car and yelled at the officers “I’m gonna have your badge.” Umm, I don’t think so. More like the other way around, jackass. You be going to jail. Anyway, Julie is out a Honda now. Too bad too. It was one of those older models she had babied along. It was stolen earlier in the year. She had gotten it back and put it back together from where the thieves had stripped some shit outta of it. One word sums it all up. Oakland. This place is wearing on my nerves. I’m seriously thinking about moving to Tex-ass. I am, if it weren’t for that last syllable there – ass. I’m afraid of a state that starts with Tex and ends with ass.

5 Responses to “Julie’s Car”

  1. I have fond memories of Oakland, but I know I would never live there again. Way too much going on for me to deal with.

  2. My father’s mother lived in Oakland back in the good ol’ days, she’d dead now — THANK GOODNESS!

  3. Who need TV. I got Oakland. You know what show I miss? Mannix. Lately the hubby and I have been renting Netflix The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with Hans Solo and Ilya Kuriatkin. okay, I’m sure I misspelled Ilya’s last name.

  4. Illya Kuryakin! Talk about a blast from the past — The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was my sister’s favorite television show, she was in love with David McCallum!

  5. I used to love Illya too but now that I’m rewatching the series, he’s quite the bungler. He is always whimpering and dropping things and messing up the mission. I really like the show but the hubby ridicules it when it’s over. Usually while it’s going on we make up lines for them other than what they are saying. They have good actors and actresses guest staring but the plots are a bit lame along with the lines. About mid way they have to be tied up and wet. We can’t figure out the wet part.

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