Little Dog, Tooth, and No Snow

The Little Dog is better. Thankfully. She’s made of iron. I swear. She is staggering like a half drunk sailor now. We think she still can’t hear so well, but it’s hard to tell because even when her hearing was good, the critter wouldn’t come when we called her and wouldn’t acknowledge it either.

The next time a dentist refuses to pull a tooth when you ask him to, kick him straight away in the nads. Yup. Kick him. Drop him on the floor, and walk out the door. Sons-of-bitches. I know I curse like a sailor. And my New Year’s resolution is to curse more.

I had a tooth that fell apart and the dentist insisted on “saving” it and by “saving” he meant a root canal, driving some rod into my jaw. Every freakin’ night I grind on this “saved” tooth and poke this root canal rod deeper into my jaw while I sleep. Talk about pain and useless teeth. You would not believe what the dentist has to do get the thing out of my jaw now. I know. I asked. He has to saw, hack, drill, dig a hole to China and cut off usable parts of my head. Parts that I need. I hate that idiot. I want to toss a Molotov cocktail through the frosted glass front window of his office and tell him it’s his Christmas present. He’s been a naughty boy this year. I hope his laughing gas explodes the whole building.

In other news, I finally vacuumed the house. And it’s NOT snowing here. NOT. Apparently it is snowing in Tennessee. That makes me want to laugh until I bray like a donkey and someone says, “load a gun and put that woman out of her misery.” I don’t like cold weather. I don’t like snow. If it dips below 60 I don my down stuffed jacket and walk around INSIDE THE HOUSE like the Pillsbury dough boy.


4 Responses to “Little Dog, Tooth, and No Snow”

  1. I don’t mind going to the dentist, but I have some horror stories that I won’t mention here. As for snow, we got another 3 or 4 inches last night.

  2. I saw the snow on your blog. It’s incredible. It just keeps on coming too. Have you made any snow ice cream yet?

  3. No, but I did get out with the shovel and clear a path to the garage. It warmed a little today and it started to melt, a little. I sure would like to see it go away before more shows up. The fun you are missing.

  4. Thankfully, I am missing that fun. I can still remember my Jeepster Commando doing a 180 on the road with the hubs locked. It was ice and snow.

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