Weapons of Mass Destruction – Shoes

7 Responses to “Weapons of Mass Destruction – Shoes”

  1. I learned on the news that the shoe is a middle eastern insult because it comes into contact will all matter of detritus, so throwing the shoe is like saying “Here’s some dog poop on you!” And we all know how I feel about INCOMING bags of poop.

  2. Yeah, it’s amazing what a flying shoe means in another culture. Bush had some ignant thing to say about it per the usual. And now there are all kinds of funny animated gifs out there like the matrix one where BUsh is Neo and the bullets are flying shoes.

  3. Gosh, now I’m gonna have to surf the Net and find the Matrix/Bush spoof! To funny!

  4. you wish is my command

  5. Hey Driver! You[r] last comment made me giggle the typo I make more often than any other is leaving the “r” off of the word your. You do it too! I tellin’ ya were long lost cosmic sisters! Oh another thing I keep meaning to mention but my old fart brain keeps forgetting, do you know that your blog title “Crazy 57 Bus” isn’t there. It was there once then it disappeared and it has never reappeared again. Now I’m off to watch shoes flying past Bush ala Matrix!

  6. Slap my face and call me dippy. I was gone when you posted this. If I had went back and checked them I wouldn’t have seen it on CNN yesterday and made my other comment on the Matrix post. It must be the snow freezing my brain.

  7. LOL! We must be cosmic sisters. That is my most common mistake – leaving off that (r) on your. I usually proofread unless I’m in a hurry. I had the Crazy 57 Bus title up there. I took it down. I had it up. I took it down. That went on 50 more times and finally I took it down. It ruined the sunset. Now I keep looking around to put it up but they change the freaking template. I don’t work very hard on the blog and if it’s too hard I forget it.

    I saw some post on Siberia the other day, Steve, and the teacher said, “I’ll let the children play outside today. It’s warm -41 degrees.” Yikes.

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