Workin’ Hard ta Bury that Bone


5 Responses to “Workin’ Hard ta Bury that Bone”

  1. Oh goodness, my little dog used to do the same thing. Every night when we got into bed you’d find a surprise somewhere under the covers. The surprise I hated most was when she would break her dog biscuit in a million little pieces some of them soft and gooey with spit and leave in on my pillow.

  2. That was funny. The pooch needs a spot of dirt to really hide it. Or a patch of snow.

  3. Oh no, AZ. I would hate the goo on the pillow. I love this video. I laugh every time I watch it. This is Sydney, my friend’s dog. I love it when she tosses the whole fleece on her head.

    It is too funny Steve. I agree, but not on the snow part. We don’t need snow. It’s raining again here now. bummer.

  4. Hey Driver, this comment has nothing to do with this post, but while listening to the news this past week I was surprised to hear that the high school in my home town has the most toxic environment of any school in Arizona and in the very same week Oakland was named most dangerous city to live in. Now doesn’t that make your heart swell with pride when the two cities we live/lived in make it on the numero uno list. I could just cough up arsenic laced phlegm I’m so proud.

  5. I laughed at the way you wrote this but dang it’s kind of pathetic to make number one in that manner. Sheesh

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