Dinky is better. The left ear, the one that stands at attention most of the time, is officially off the disabled list. The right ear still has some problems, but we are treating it with antibiotics and ear wash. The dog is no longer staggering like a drunken sailor. We have taken her key to the liquor cabinet.

As we were backing our car out of the vet’s parking lot, we witnessed either a mugging or an attempted kidnapping at the gas station. It was all very quick and by the time the police had come, the victim of the crime, who managed to break free, ran to his Trans Am, jumped in and roared off. Now we are wondering what sort of “victim” he actually was.

It’s time to move. I know that. I can’t even take the dog to the vet incident free.


7 Responses to “Dinky”

  1. Good for Dinky. An ear infection can cause that staggering sensation. We got a little dusting of snow this morning. Glad the other stuff melted.

  2. I’ve never witnessed something like that did you call 911? The last time I called 911 about a suspicious car in my neighborhood the 911 operator told me to go look in the car window to see who was in the car, needless to say I don’t call 911 any more.

  3. Opps! I forgot to say “WAY TO GO DINKY!” Nothing like a few hundred dollars worth of vet bills and costly prescription drugs to make the little dog walk right!

  4. Happy for Dinky! The little dog rules!

    Where would you prefer to live? You know the area way better than we do, so my question is of selfish interest 🙂

  5. Steve, I didn’t realize it was her ears until the vet told us. She is kind of a long dog and 15 now. Dinky rules. My high school started some web site were the alumni can obtain a sign in and “come home” leaving a current day picture of themselves and a message. I’m sure you have guessed what I have left there – a picture of Dinky and the message, “Dinky Rules.”

    We didn’t call the cops on this one. The cops arrived instantly. Someone in the gas station had already called the cops. Hubby talked to them and they took off looking for the perps and maybe the victim, if he was a victim. The whole thing was puzzling.

    LOL, AZ. So right you are. Merry Christmas to the vets.

    Doug, I like my neighborhood because I love my neighbors but if you ask me where I think you would be happiest I would say Berkeley. When I leave Oakland, I’m leaving the state.

  6. I just gave our vet a huge Christmas gift too. One of my pups had ear infections too. Bless their little ears. Now if you’re looking to move…I think you should give Florida a try…maybe near Sarasota! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  7. Have a good holiday too Connie. I hate all these Christmas presents we are leaving at the vets. I hope your baby is better. My little girl is finally getting better. She played with her little toy tonight. THat was a first in a long time. I had been looking at Florida but the hubby shot it down. He wants to move near his kid and that’s okay with me. So, we may go to Texas in a few years.

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