I’m obsessed with the free stuff on Craigslist. I look at it every night and only the items that have pictures. I love free stuff. I want free stuff, but I never get free stuff because:
1) I like to think I’m a minimalist.
2) I don’t have a car, and I can’t drive to pick up stuff.
3) There is no room left in the shoebox I live in for any more stuff.

One of my other obsessions is I collect airline safety cards, sort them and keep them in a bookcase. You’ve seen these cards I’m sure – at least once, right before you order a drink from the stewardess. They are plastic coated tri-folded airline poop with bad art in the seat back, advising you how to deboard the plane in case of an accidental water landing.

Tonight, look what I found on Craigslist, merging my two obsessions into some sort of unbelievable once in a lifetime orgasmic freebie. I found THIS. And I quote in case the Craigslist entry is already gone, “3 connected airplane/jet seats. Plastic/vinyl material covering. Dirty in picture because it was left on our balcony, can be cleaned up and used! Last seat on the right is just wet.
Must be able to pick up before Dec. 31, preferably ASAP
Goes to first person who can pick up.”

My husband is in the other room snoring. I wonder if he would consider this some sort of emergency such as airline obsession Christmas present emergency. I want need must have can’t live without some free dirty used airline seats that I can put my stolen airline safety cards in and I could put said seats in the den dining room laundry room back porch garage?


9 Responses to “Obsession”

  1. This post reminds me of “Lost”. Since I don’t receive it on TV, but enjoy the show, I just picked up the season 4 DVDs. Now if I only had those airplane seates and a bag of popcorn, I could really enjoy watching it.

  2. Is Lost good? I’ve never seen that show but I recently saw this out take where the whole island sank and I thought, “cool, wonder what that’s about.” We get Netflix and watch Battlestar Gallatica like that. And of course The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

  3. I think folks either love or hate lost. I really enjoy it, but you’d have to watch it from the first season, or really be lost. I like Gallatica, but haven’t seen much of the new series, if it is still on air. U.N.C.L.E was a super series.

  4. I’ll suggest Lost to my husband and start with the first season then. He always likes to start in sequential order. Me? I’m not particular but I’ll go with the order on this one.

    We were watching old Bonanzas for a while and Have Gun Will Travel. Netflix is great. Do you have that in Germany?

    Man from U.N.C.L.E is wonderful. I found an interview with Robert Vaughn and he explains why the series did so well. He also theorized about its demise. He was pallies with Steve McQueen and starred with him in THe Magnificent Seven.

  5. No Netflix here. I’m sure they must have something, but it’s probably all German programs. I can get DVD’s from the base library.

  6. Oh my goodness I just wasted 30 minutes looking at the Craigslist from your area — once I started I couldn’t stop! Free is only thing better than cheap! I’ve looked through Craigslist before, but I never knew they had a free section, now I’m off to check if they have something free in my area.

  7. And I bet it’s free, isn’t it, Steve?

    I just checked the free in your area AZ, and it’s not as good as my area. Why is that? I guess people are that much into recycling in Arizona. Or maybe they don’t have as much worthless junk.

  8. I noticed that Phoenix has a ton of people trying to get rid of the decorative rock in their yards, but they are so lazy they won’t rake it into piles. How lazy can you get! Basically what they want is for someone to come and clean their entire yard for free and then haul off the rock, not many takers I noticed.

  9. Lazy butts. They just don’t have the good free stuff that we have out here. I think too people are dumping and running out here. This place is repo city right now. I think a lot of people are dumping their possessions and leaving town.

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