Cake, Chime, and Skype

I ate a piece of cake as big as a car tire last night. It had a big red sugar poinsettia on top of it as big as my armpit. Am I sorry? No. It was white cake with that semi-transparent white icing. It is my mission in life – my destiny to eat all that sort of cake there is on this planet to save you from eating it. It was delicious. I could have eaten three more tires of cake, an engine and the whole car, and topped it with a glass of milk and driven the whole vehicle down I-580 except for the fact the hubby only brought home one cake tire. That was all he could steal (and carry) from his work party and drag onto the BART on a medium sized paper plate without breaking the plate’s spine and dumping the contents.

For someone who hates Christmas and who’s been a bad girl, I got some unbelievably great presents this year, like wind chimes that are so beautiful physically and melodically, I’m not hanging them outside. I’m suspending them from the ceiling in my den. I think they are like the voices of hummingbirds – or something. I can’t decide what they sound like. I’ve never really heard anything quite like them. Gold spun into sound.

And another first tonight – I Skyped. Sounds like I’m doing drugs as in “I Skyped some Skype on the corner in my Skype pipe” but no, that’s not what happened. We have a Linux machine, the cheap-o, that came with a little camera. We Skype-d with my step-daughter and her husband in Tex-ass. The picture was different, kind of cool in one of those foreign film sort of ways where the words don’t sync up with the lips. All was going well until my husband cut a huge fart, and I erroneously thought the noise was some tractor trailer rig’s brakes failing on the interstate ramp behind our house. Then the kids’ Skype froze. But all-in-all it was pretty good. I’d give it about an 8.5 until the farting and freezing.


6 Responses to “Cake, Chime, and Skype”

  1. Sounds like you had a good time, one and all.

  2. It was grand. Skyping is fun and free anywhere in the world.

  3. I had to Google Skype, I’ve heard people talking about making long-distance calls free using your computer, we’ve never had a need for it because we don’t call anybody. The telephone company always tries to sell us a long distance call plan, but we say we don’t use long distance, and they don’t believe us. We is electronic/telephonic hermits!

    Cake sounded de-lite-ful, fart heard around the world (aka Tex-ass), not so much.

  4. Cake. Yum. Cake. Today I was messing with Google talk and then I found out there is no Google talk for a MAC so I had to change my iChat to work with Google Talk. It would have been a whole lot f’in simpler.
    1) If my brother had not cut his phone off
    2) If my nephew were not getting deployed to Japan and leaving his phone behind.
    3) If my brother had more than 256KB of RAM on his machine.

  5. Glad to hear you got good gifts for Christmas! I too got some wind chimes and I love them. You deserve great gifts! I am wishing you a wonderful 2009. I wish good things for you in the new year! Love ya!

  6. You have a good 2009. Thanks for dropping a note. Love you too.

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