More with mice ‘n free stuff…

3k63m33l51281331ga8cp6a357419b6b016efEight Brand-New, Never Used Small Mousetraps

These eight small mousetraps are new and have never been used. Excellent for either ridding yourself of small rodents or pinching the nipples of your lover.

I didn’t make this up. I swear.


4 Responses to “More with mice ‘n free stuff…”

  1. I guess the seller wants to cover all bases. Damn, that would smart.

  2. That’s what I thought, having been snapped accidentally on the foot before. I can’t imagine the nipple though we do have a lot of S&M people around here. I took a writing class once and when we went around and said a little about yourself this little bit of a woman piped up and said she was a dominatrix.

  3. Why nipples? Why not the Mr.’s pe___, I mean the Mr.’s peck__, I mean the Mr.’s favorite toy?

  4. Not fair. I squirted water out my nose laughing. You messed up my keyboard. Stop it.

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