ER Redux

I went to walk the dogs yesterday and broke myself. It was that easy. The hubby took the dogs back to the house, got the car, and took me to the ER. I sat in the waiting room for 2 hours before I got to talk to the triage nurse. I could have died. Granted I only put “pain in right side” on my little green registration paper, but I could no longer walk.

About four hours into the scene, a sock footed man named Abdul came in the entrance screaming, “God help me. I am vomiting blood.” And that indeed was what he was doing. The security guard and triage nurse shouted to him that he had to sign in. He ran down a hallway out of sight, and I heard him collapse.

The security guard and the triage nurse called to him from their station. “Come back to the desk and sign in.” He answered them by vomiting. A couple of people in the waiting room got up from their seats walked over, looked at him and laughed. Laughed. I screamed at them, “IT’S NOT FUNNY.” The security guard’s voice joined my chorus. The security guard got up from his station and took him a slip to sign in.

And so it went. The girl who came by ambulance with the migraine was triaged, accepted and went to the ER before me. The girl with a cough went God knows where. The woman with back pain got her shot and left. Six hours later, they called my name. I hobbled to the back, to the main ER, for treatment. The diagnosis was a process of elimination, so to speak. Meaning there wasn’t enough of it. The official diagnosis is transverse colon diverticulitis. From what I can tell, that means infected poo in my colon. Yeppers. So, I can add this to my repertoire of illnesses, which is quite impressive: cancer, brain tumor, epilepsy, and now infected poo. I wonder if there are Infected Poo Support Groups? Do they give away free shit? Do we sit around and talk about our brother support group The Appendectomy?


7 Responses to “ER Redux”

  1. “Transverse colon diverticulitis” never heard of such a thing, I had to do a Yahoo search, now I have an idea what it is, sounds painful. I’ve had a dozen abscessed teeth in my life, and from what I read the “TCD” is like an internal abscess of the bowel. I understand why you couldn’t walk, once I had an abscessed tooth so bad that the infection spread to my chest and arm, had a fever for days. Are you on antibiotics? And shame on those people who laughed at Abdul, what’s the world coming to?

  2. CD, I hope you are feeling better. You deserve a dose of good luck. It’s so cold here, if I had something wrong, it would freeze and I wouldn’t know it until spring.

  3. It was really painful though not as bad as a brain tumor. It’s much better today. I got 2 bags of antibiotic at the ER and I have 2 different antibiotics I have to take for 14 days. The ER is full of crackpots, including me.

    I am feeling better Steve though not quite up to snuff. At least they found out what was wrong. I do deserve some good luck – at least a new body. I want to trade this one in for a 2009.

  4. I’d be happy to trade mine for a 71 or 72. Those were good years.

  5. Hope you are feeling better! Thinking of you. Keep me posted on how you are doing.

  6. Thanks Connie. I’m better today. In fact, I’m thinking about going outside and walking the dogs up the hill.

  7. These are good years Steve. I just got a bum body. Wish I could trade that in somehow.

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