Chicken Head Tracking


11 Responses to “Chicken Head Tracking”

  1. The man keeps calling that hen “he” not much of a country boy! I grew up with chickens, I say their head stays steady because their enemies come swooping down from the sky, and it helps if your locating device is dead on so your escape is precise.

  2. Shoot. I never noticed that he was calling that hen a “he.” I loved the father’s voice at the end. Pretty funny.

  3. Interesting. Could the hen be gay? That’s where the he comes in.

  4. We had a gay chicken, it would crow in the morning, lay an egg in the afternoon, and was incredibility unattractive having legs three times longer than the average chicken. We name it Hercules when it was a chick because we through it was going to be a huge rooster, but the body never caught up with its legs. Hercules was PIKOPed (replace accidentally with intentionally fka PAKOPed) by my father because he/she wouldn’t leave our pet quail alone.

  5. The hen could be gay. We had a gay bull.

    I laughed my butt off at your comment, AZ. I know the PIKOP wasn’t funny but the acronym is. AND we had a pet quail too, hatched him from an egg, got tired of taking care of him and my great Aunt took him to her apartment.

  6. We got Quincy from a friend, he caught several baby quail and they died one-by-one so they gave the last survivor to my Mom, she was an expert at keeping wild babies alive. When Quincy reached maturity she joined a harem of hens and was looked after by the harem’s overseer, Fred, a Bantam rooster. Fred loved Quincy, but their love was not to be, not because there was a lack of affection, but there was the problem of the Bantam to tall and a quail to small.

  7. OMG! That is so funny AZ. You should write a book. The quail who loved the bantum. I love bantum. I think they are generally smarter and kinder than their full sized versions.

  8. Isn’t that strange Bantams are described as small and aggressive, but every Bantam I’ve ever known was, if not affectionate, at least civil to all the other barnyard brethren.

  9. No, I had no idea that Bantums were described that way. What a load of hooey that is. My spell checker is wonky. It is flagging “Bantums” and “wonky” but not “hooey.” Go figure.

  10. Spell checker wants “Bant-A-ms” not “Bant-U-ms.” I spelled it with a “U” also, but spell checker didn’t like it so I looked it up and the online dictionary spells it with two “A’s.” Who knew! Almost 60 and I’ve been spelling Bantams wrong all my life!

  11. Spelling smelling who needs it?

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