Garbage Collection Today

Waste Management in Oakland, garbage collecting as captured on my surveillance camera. My can goes sailing, then gets left in the street.


8 Responses to “Garbage Collection Today”

  1. What was in that garbage can? Looked like dirt. We have to bag our garbage or they won’t take it, but your can is green does that mean it should be filled with grass and garden refuse. In Mesa they have three wheelie bins: black for household garbage, blue for recycle, and green for grass and garden refuse. We have two wheelie bins: black for garbage and blue for recycle. Our garbage has to be bagged and the can cannot be so full that the lid won’t close completely or the garbage man will not empty it. We have garbage Nazis “NO GARBAGE PICKUP FOR YOU!”

  2. We have two cans. A black plastic one for garbage and a blue one for paper. Garbage is picked up every two weeks. Paper once a month. We have to carry our glass, cans, and garden crap to a recycle center about a half mile from the house. I like the way that truck kicked you contianer down the road. It probably wasn’t happy with you trash.

  3. It was ash from the grill. Our green can is different out here, AZ. I still have to read the stickers when I go outside to “sort” the garbage. Thank goodness there are stickers on the cans and we only need to bag our brown can. Our green can can have food scraps and yard waste. The green can sticker reads: left over meat and bones, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds and filters, paper napkins and plates, food containers, grass and leaves, brush and wood. I can’t get used to it. I usually end up putting all the paper recyclables in the recyclable can.

    Yeah Steve, my husband and I laughed hard when the can goes down the road. The whole video was funny from the cloud of smoke to the can. Hey, do you get money back from the recycling center like you do here when you make a drop off? When we take our recycling to the street we have people digging through our garbage for the recyclables.

  4. We don’t get a nickle. When we buy bottled items from a store, Beer, Milk, etc. We can take the bottles back and get our deposit. Some plastic containers like juice, have no deposit. Germany is trying hard to recycle, but different areas have different rules. Germany ruined the soda in the can industry. They wanted to charge a deposit for each can. but the stores that sold them figured it was too hard to do. Now you buy soda in plastic bottles. You don’t see any cans being sold except on the Army base. They, thankfully, don’t charge a deposit.

  5. I’m stunned about the cans. I thought the can trade was a universal deal. Boy, was I wrong. Actually, it’s a good thing. There is a nasty preservative in the cans anyway. Sounds like the base there is quite large.

  6. Steve, they pick up your garbage every two weeks? What does your neighborhood smell like? Our wheelie bins have to be kept out of sight so we have ours in the garage, and in the summer the garage has to be 120 degrees at least. I freeze raw chicken parts and/or cook all meat waste and deposit those frozen/cooked waste materials the morning the garbage is scheduled to be picked up so that my garbage container doesn’t smell like somebody died in it. We get garbage pickup once a week and in the summer I pray like crazy that the garbage truck comes before the chicken thaws and starts reeking.

  7. And may I say I had forgotten how in Arizona you have to put your cans away. Here, people live them on the curb FOREVER! For freaking ever. Drives me nuts.

  8. AZ, the smell isn’t bad, except perhaps a few times when summer has some hot days, which isn’t often. We wrap all or most of the waste in aluminum foil which is in a plastic bag. Now that we recycle glass, paper, and cans, the containers hardly ever get full. Our container is kept back towards the garage and moved out on pickup day.

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