juniorHe’s back from his wanderlust, looking no worse for the wear. The prodigal squirrel, home for the holidays.


5 Responses to “Junior”

  1. They are one and the same aren’t they! Good to see familiar faces again.

  2. CD, nice post. I finally figured it out…I think. I had both of them visiting this morning. I think Junior has come by to court Youngster. I do believe that it is mating season.

  3. One more thing. Much thanks for the link.

  4. They are AZ and I am amazed. He disappeared about the same time as Split Tail’s unfortunate demise.

    WOW! I’m sure you’re right, Steve. Youngster is a fetching young thing now and Junior is all testosterone. I added today’s link too.

  5. What I like about the shot on the right is how Junior looks all pensive like he is staring at his true love, which could be Youngster or a nut. Also, I like how Junior’s penis pokes out his fur. He is all man. Plus Junior has real beefy forearms, like Popeye. (You can’t necessarily see them in these pictures.) He is just hilarious – well, all the red squirrels are.

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