The Cost

Diverticulitus $10,852.18
December’s PG & E $233.79

People say it’s expensive to live in California and they’re damn straight about that. I got the bill from the emergency room, only at the top of the bill it says “THIS IS NOT A BILL. WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BILLING YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY.” My insurance company loves me (not) because I send them love letters from emergency rooms that say, “Oopsy, I have infected poo. Please give these kind people $10,000.”

The funny thing about this, is I’ve seen this action all before. My insurance company won’t pay the emergency room $10,852.18. My insurance company will pay the ER what it wants. Yeah and say, “This is all you get, Chump.” And the ER will take it. The end. My insurance company must have some comprising photos of the ER screwing sheep or something but that is the way it will go down.

Now, PG & E. There is nothing I can do with their bill. My house is a shoe box, 1000 square feet. My heat is gas. My house is so cold at night, I wear a hat and sleep in a sleeping bag. God help me. What do they want? My soul? No. My money. All of it.


5 Responses to “The Cost”

  1. I guess the Emergency Room doubles the price and multiplies it by five and hope they get half. Sounds like a racket.

    Be happy you’re not getting your gas from Russia. I’m sort of smiling because we use fuel oil for heat, but lots of folks were tricked into converting to gas in Germany. The Government said it was cleaner and cheaper. Right! Cleaner perhaps, but the price is getting ready to jump up and Putin will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. What a mess that Gazprom Ukraine deal is. I didn’t know what was going on. I hardly listen to the news over here. Of course, you would have thought I would have heard about it. Apparently Gazprom and the Ukraine have been battling it out for a number of years and dragging Europe through their dirty laundry. I still don’t quite understand all the nuances of it all. I take it Germany’s gas pipeline is all tied up with the one that was siphoned and de-pressurized. So the solution seems to be to jack the price up five times? Is Germany building their own pipeline? I’m glad you don’t have gas because it looks if-y and weird and hold on to your hats.

  3. There are so many people out of work in Arizona I wouldn’t be surprised if hospitals start closing their doors, it’s that or they are going to jack up their prices even more so that the ones that have insurance can pay for the have not’s. I’ve already told significant other to just let me die in bed, and when I die to donate my body to science so he doesn’t incur any funeral costs. I bet science is going to have so many bodies in the next few years that they are going to start getting picky about which one they’ll take and which ones they won’t take. I’m bettin’ even in death I’ll be on the reject list.

  4. I bet I’m on the accept list of body to science donations after death. Lord knows, I’ve had every major disease know to mankind. They’d cut me open just to illustrate a few points and then some. I want to go to the Tennessee Body Farm where they let cadavers sit out and rot and run experiments. That’s where I’d really like my body to go after I die. I wish they’d dress me up in some shorts and a tie dye shirt and let some pigeons poo on me.

  5. After I wrote my comment I watched the late night news and they did a story on elderly women in Arizona selling their burial plots because they needed money for medication and food. The news man said that elaborate funerals, flowers, and headstones are quickly becoming a thing of the past, more and more people are option for a cardboard box and cremation. I guess the next group of people to lose their business will be the funeral home industry and casket makers.

    I like the shorts and tie dye T-shirt idea, very 60’s.

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