The Odd Couple


7 Responses to “The Odd Couple”

  1. You’d think the owner of the sanctuary would introduce two animals with similar life spans (perhaps a tortoise/elephant combo), but then again one of the joys of life is that you can pick your friends.

  2. Are you alive? Did you go down to the BART station to protest and get thrown in jail? Where you be?

  3. It is a funny story Steve.

    Boy AZ, you find out everything. I’m heartsick. I knew Oscar, the guy the BART policeman shot in the back New Year’s Eve. He was one of the butchers at our grocery. Makes me sick and mad. I saw the footage of the riots. They actually burned the car of a reporter who was upstairs in a Tribune building writing a sympathetic article. The BART cop resigned before BART interviewed him so they’re not? What kind of screwed up mess is that? Yes, I want to protest, but I wouldn’t destroy Oakland to do it. We’re hurting bad enough as it is.

  4. I had no idea you knew Oscar, but I was surfing YouTube and saw the videos and when you disappeared I though maybe you went to the BART offices to protest. I don’t know how, but I got to a blogger who was in the heart of the protest. He said there was a very small faction of young men who started the burning and rioting, he said for the most part the crown was a mixed group of very respectful people. The blogger didn’t know Oscar, but he was of middle eastern descent and he said that Oscar was “any man” and that no minority felt safe on BART because of what happened to Oscar. The blogger taught marshal arts, and was explaining how one’s body reacts to being flung to the ground, handcuffed and them some officer presses he knee against the back of your neck, he said it hurts and the normal reaction is to struggle and if that’s why the Bart officer shot Oscar, then nobody was safe because you can’t control your reaction to that kind of treatment, you just react.

    Now it’s in the right place! I hate them thar senior moments.

  5. Well, first and foremost the officer never should have drawn his weapon. Period. Oscar was on his stomach and the other officer had his knee in his neck. Oscar was down on his stomach. Secondly, officers collected cell phones of people collecting video footage of the incident that were standing near by who were not able to get on the train and get away with the footage of the shooting. Thirdly, BART officials have moved horribly slow on this investigation. They have contributed to the community’s revolt. The cop has quit. He made no statements and now does not have to testify before an official inquiry. I am outraged. There is some footage prior of what was going on and how Oscar was dropped to the ground. I live in Oakland. I see a lot of police action and how police handle situations. When people say this is execution style shooting, they are not exaggerating. I’m so angry and hurt about the whole thing and BART still does nothing to make it better. I think yesterday they had some sort of bogus meeting and promised to do “something.” What? Too little too late. And I don’t know what blogger you talked to but AZ, they tore up downtown Oakland. It is a mess. People were not respectful. They hit the same old tired places they always hit. They are so worn out with it all – Sears, The Paramount, that hair braiding place. They smashed windows – storefronts were destroyed. cars burned. It was a mess. No, they were not respectful. They went crazy. And it wasn’t one small band either. I’m still seeing smashed cars across town that had been down there in the midst of it. They got in fights with other people. I don’t know where that blogger was, but he didn’t see what I’ve been seeing. Sorry to be so long winded. I’m hurt and mad and sad. All at the same time. I thought this would be a new era for us. Obama. Yeah and yet not.

  6. gallimaufrieswiththat Says:

    It was certainly a reminder of that great big divide out there.

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