UFO vs Turbine


6 Responses to “UFO vs Turbine”

  1. The truth is out there. Germany has lots of wind turbins.

  2. I didn’t know that. We have some turbines up in Livermore and I always get the creeps when we drive through there. Now I know why – aliens. Only kidding. this report says they didn’t find the blade to the turbine but later reports say they did.

  3. Your talking about the Altamount pass wind turbins. Back in 04 when visiting my brother in Walnut Creek, we took a trip down south. I was amazed at the number of them. Wish I would of had my camera with me.

  4. Yeah that place. It’s cool. There is a little house around here with a wind turbine. I forget where it is. I would love to put a wind turbine on my house. A big one but it would probably attract the police helicopter.

  5. Those things are huge, I watched “Dirty Jobs” and when they climbed up to the top of the wind turbine I was amazed at how large those blades are. I can’t imagine how large the thing that damaged it was, it wasn’t a bird for sure.

  6. Eye witnesses all claim UFO. I think if one of our planes had hit it, it would have downed it. I subscribe to the UFO theory. In Livermore, they have a lot of UFO sightings too. All pretty odd.

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