Your Typical Rider

He occupied 4 bus seats. Count ’em. And he wasn’t asleep. He was pretending to be asleep. Every few seconds, he’d crack an eyelid to see if anyone was watching. I was watching. I took a picture. I took several. I don’t know what his game was.

I was waiting in Long’s to pay for some mailers yesterday. I hear a boom box come in. Boom boxes come and go like pigeons in Oakland. I hardly look up any more. I only looked up this time because the lady in line in front of me laughed. This boom box was in a cart pushed by some dude that was 90 if he was a day. He came through the front door, box blaring and then grabbed his crotch, just like all the punks do. The woman and I fell about the place laughing. It was just so weird to see someone so old acting like a kid. The cashier laughed too. We couldn’t stop. He hip hopped his way around the corner toward the liquor.


4 Responses to “Your Typical Rider”

  1. I bet he’s and undercover bus detective. Trying to see if someone from the hood tries to mug or rob him. I’ll bet the old guy is an undercover store detective. He was probably looking for shoplifters. I just finished reading a book named, Trigger City. That must be why I have these weird thought on my mind. Nice photo.

  2. I wish he was an undercover bus detective. I’ll have to check out Trigger City. I always think people like that on the buses might be God and at least I got a picture of him. The photo was with my the camera on my phone too.

  3. My OCD kicked in — I want to wash his jeans.

  4. I wanted to kick his feet off the seat.

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