Albino Squirrel

One of my long time buds emailed me this photo, “Here’s the newest squirrel in our neighborhood. Over the years a white one will pop up from time to time. We’ve had 3 killed by cars. Fortunately, Cat hasn’t gotten one yet. Maybe because they look too much like him.


3 Responses to “Albino Squirrel”

  1. That’s a neat squirrel. I’ve only seen pictures, but wouldn’t mind one stopping by.

  2. I’ve never seen a white squirrel in Arizona, but then again I don’t live in squirrel country, but I did see a chipmunk on the corner of Bell Road and the 303, he was standing on the corner dancing and rolling on the ground acting silly. If he had up a cup out I would have dropped a nut in it!

  3. Seems like you should get one too, Steve. Though I have to admit, the whole time I lived in TN, I never saw one. My friend here must have one that is passing the gene.

    LOL, AZ. Maybe he was having a grand mal. Animals have seizures, or maybe he was taking a dust bath. Or he could have been tangling with a scorpion.

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