Courage Fail


3 Responses to “Courage Fail”

  1. That was funny.

  2. I was walking down the street in Tombstone, Arizona, one day when a grasshopper jumped up my dress, from a distance I’m sure I looked like a crazy woman jumping up and down, shaking my dress, trying to get that friggin‘ grasshopper out. I don’t know if it still happens, but Cochise County used to get thousands of grasshoppers all at once, they were everywhere, then other times of the year is was tarantulas or frogs. Cochise County has a lot of hoards of things that happen seasonally. I remember the tarantulas because there were so many that when you drove down the highway you would squish hundreds of them.

  3. I can’t quit laughing at that.

    Okay, grasshoppers I can deal with. Tarantulas NO. I would not move to that place. It sounds like a Hitchcock movie. Carpet of spiders coming at ya. I don’t think I could recover.

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