Cabinet of Dreams

sleeping_pupsIf you build it, they will come.


5 Responses to “Cabinet of Dreams”

  1. What beautiful dogs!!! Now I’m going to have to buy designer doggy treats. They are feeling mighty special now. And I didn’t tell you … Scarlet is on the left and Annie is on the right. Thanks for including the girls on your blog.

  2. They are beautiful, and so cute and adorable. I want to get down on the floor, like with my girls and put my arms around the both of them and love on them. They are so sweet how they are loving on each other too.

  3. They look like a couple of buds. Nice picture.

  4. Ah shucks, ain’t they the cutest girls e-v-e-r! A blond (Scarlett) and a redhead (Annie) you can’t get no cuter than that!

  5. They are darlings. They are my best friend from high school girls. They are best friends now too.

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