Doctor Man

graffiti_headsIn my continuing Year of the Ass mode, I saw my headache neurologist today and when he asked if his resident could sit in on the appointment, I said, “No.” Stunned silence. The appointment slid downhill after that. He decided my anti-seizure/headache prevention drug isn’t working so well. Wonder what tipped him off? The falls on the BART escalator? The trip to the ER? He’s going to conference in on my appointment next week with my epilepsy neurologist. And here, I thought they were going to talk behind my back.

So, I dove right in with my crazy list. “Doc, there’s this place on the back of my head that the neurosurgeon left behind that’s like a Baggie slider that won’t quite close. I can punch on it and the pain will bring me to my knees and when it’s done with that, it will make a migraine. I need a neurosurgeon to cut it out,” I said.

Now this guy’s got a pretty good poker face, but not good enough. “Don’t touch that spot. Don’t even brush your finger on it,” he said. “That’s the greater occipital nerve and everyone has that, even people who have not had brain surgery. Yours is just more sensitive.”

“No. Mine needs to be cut out.”

“No, that’ll make it worse.”

“It already is worse,” I said.

The appointment was a shorty. He thought things were in good stead. They weren’t. They were flopping like a fish outta water. So, I see my epilepsy doc next week. They probably will talk behind my back before I get there. That’s okay. It’s the Year of the Ass. I can handle ‘em.


6 Responses to “Doctor Man”

  1. | guess they know better or at least we believe they do.

  2. I should have said, know best.

  3. Yeah. I think these guys are pretty smart but as they say in the South, “The proof is in the pudding.” They gotta stop the migraines and the seizures or the experiment (me) is not a success. The side effects too of this drug are a killer. Literally.

  4. When I was growing up my parents held doctors, teachers, and police in high regard, heck if someone asked me when I was a kid who I should respect more than my parents my answer would have been Goddaa, doctors, teachers, and policemen, but that was a long, long, long time ago. Having walked the earth for almost 60 years, I now realize Goddaa is still pretty high on the respect ladder because she’s pretty great with all the animals she created, but doctors, teachers, and policemen have really taken a huge slide down the respect ladder. Well, let’s get real here teachers and policemen are off the list entirely and doctors are fading fast. I’ve never been correctly diagnosed by a doctor they use the hit and miss method as far as I can tell. Policemen usually run into criminals by accident, and no policeman has ever recovered any of my stolen items, heck let’s get real they don’t even look, if they run into stolen stuff by accident you may get it back, but for the most part once it’s stolen it’s adios stuff. Now for teachers there are a few, strike that–there is one that I held in high regard, but I probably had 60 or so teachers in my lifetime, one out of 60 is not good.

  5. I so agree with you on what you wrote AZ. God, I am so worn out right now with this medical stuff. I feel like they have just ripped me off. I tried to tell them this drug was no good for me. This is the second go round for this drug. They tried it once before. It physically makes me really tired. I’m just kind of at the end of my rope or rather I feel that way. The drug kind of screws with your mind too. It is a nasty drug. Hit or Miss. I like that and it is so true.

  6. gallimaufrieswiththat Says:

    Oh good lord. Good thing I found this old post. Driver, you need to talk to me about this. He’s right about not cutting it out, but he’s wrong otherwise. Dammit this is treatable and it’s easy, a piece of cake. Well, as easy as having a needle poked into your scalp, but trust me it’s not that bad. This is what I’m talking about.

    I’m assuming, of course, that he’s correctly diagnosed you with occipital neuralgia, and that this isn’t somehow related to your craniotomy.

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