Toilet Seat Covers

toiletseatcoverdispenserCan you read the writing on the cardboard box inside the dispenser? It says, “Life Guard.” Life guard, like I’m planning on swimming in the toilet. Frankly, I think “Ass Guard” is more appropriate, or “In case of toilet paper shortage, use these.” Or if they were feeling really sassy, they could print on the box, “Anus Guard.”

And the metal dispenser. Look at it. It looks like a robot head with paper for its eyes. “I am the big robot head. My eyes are for your ass only.” Or something.


5 Responses to “Toilet Seat Covers”

  1. It’s time to move on when the hand reaches out.

  2. You’d think I wouldn’t have a toilet seat cover story, but I do. A girl I worked with, her name was Caitlyn, she was from the South and she was tiny and incredibly cute, she always dressed to the nine’s, but whenever she went into a restroom stall she would come out with a toilet seat cover pulled over her head and she would ask: “Does this dress look better with a Peter Pan collar?” Gales of laughter ensued — okay, maybe you had to be there. :o\

  3. Opps! I forgot about WordPress and smiley faces, I made a smirk, it turned into a open mouth happy face!

  4. It’s time to scream when the hand reaches out.

    OMG! That is the funniest story I ever heard What a hoot. I love that. Peter Pan collar. Oh man I laughed so hard at that. Is that really true, AZ. I can just see it and only a dyed in the wool Southerner could get away with saying that.

    The smiley face looks good to me. I don’t know how to make those emoticons.

  5. True story! 😆

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