Leopard doh

I installed Leopard on my MAC yesterday. Okay. Okay. So, I know I’m running behind, but I don’t like to install the latest and greatest and then fiddle with bugs. I usually install OSs after they have been out a while. Yeah. Like right before another operating system is coming out named something ridiculous like Snow Leopard. Anyway, I also decided sometime last week, my readers, all two of them, needed to see pictures on my blog and though my digital camera and I are still not friends, I would use my cell phone to take pictures. Well, you pretty much guessed what happened. The Leopard I installed on my MAC is now saying this about the camera on my cell phone, “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.” WTF? It was readable two shakes of a lamb’s tail ago when you called yourself Tiger. Now you are a Leopard you can’t read. What? Did you go blind? Did you become illiterate. She-it. You crazy MoFo. Did you de-device yourself? I hate you.

So, in other freak-out I-am-an-electrical-storm-disguised-as-a-small-white-woman news. The battery back up/voltage regulator for my MAC and router blew, screaming like someone cut its big toe off with pinking shears. Its rechargeable battery died. Turns out the battery replacement costs about as much as the unit. When I went to get my MRI on Saturday, half the power was out, so they gave me the MRI on the “junior” machine, because the big one was down. Junior sounded like a dryer with a loose belt. Or worse. Sounded like he needed a 9-1-1 call to Sears. If you think MRIs are unnerving, imagine claustrophobia with a yelping belt. Then after that my watch went crazy. And no, I did not wear my watch in the big magnet. My watch was down the hall in a locker. I put my watch on and wore it home. The watch went crazy afterward and decided it was 10:00 on 1/1/1. Timex. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking, just random ticking, like what are you doing ticking? Are you working with Leopard? Are you going to make up some lame error message like “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.” And it’s not a freaking disk dodo. It’s a phone. I hate you.


6 Responses to “Leopard doh”

  1. Sounds very frustrating to me. But I have to admit that I don’t even know what a Leopard is! Nor do I know what a OS is! And what is a Tiger? Now MRI there is something I understand. Never had one but I understand the concept! As for the watch….makes me think of the twilight zone. Hang in there girl and stay away from the zoo!

  2. I’ve heard that MAC owners lover thier MACs. Never used one. Vista drove me nuts, but I’ve learned to tolerate it.

  3. My sister has a Mac. I have Vista. I’m used to Vista. I’m not used to Mac. I’m proficient at neither. I used to have Windows XP now all I have is Vista Home Premium, I miss all the bells and whistles on XP.

  4. Oh Connie it is all geek talk. Leopard is the Mac latest operating system. OS is shorthand for Operating System. Tiger was the operating system before Leopard. I think they are all silly names. I prefer the version numbers myself.

    I like my MAC, Steve. I liked my PC. I like whatever does the job. I have to admit I think the MAC is more advanced than the PC. We actually have both in the house right now along with a Linux machine, which is the bastard step child. I think Vista is a kin to dog do.

    That’s the problem with Vista, AZ. It was not a step forward. No bells and whistles, more like aggravation.

  5. I have read some initial good reviews on the system that will replace Vista. We’ll see.

  6. Windows 7. I have read they have fixed some of the problems too. I hope so. Vista never should have been sold to the public.

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