What the…?

I’m finally got the MRI report today. The report said the tumor regrowth or residual was in the transverse sinus wall. Oh for fuck’s sake. Will someone please do their job and read a surgical report? Yes, there was a tumor over there but it was removed. No residual. None. Zippo. Maybe someone, who was eating in the operating room, left a Doritos in my brain. I guess that could explain the blip on the MRI but really the only residual tumor was left in the sagittal sinus wall. So, my neurologist wrote me a nice email, “See you in 6 months.” What the fuck is he smoking? crack laced dope with a side of candy bar Twix. I emailed him back with a request to see my neurosurgeon. Yeah, tumor growth where there should be none is kind of alarming. At least in my book. At least in my brain.


8 Responses to “What the…?”

  1. I know that you understand all of this, having gone through it. Kind of Greek to me, but your concern I can understand…if not tech stuff.

  2. Apparently this was Greek to everyone. My brother called me and said the same thing. Sorry ’bout that.

  3. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about women who have mammograms done, only to have the person reviewing the images give the wrong diagnosis. The women wait another year for another mammogram and then discover that they waited to long for treatment. It happens a lot, I guess everyone needs to get a second opinion because there are a lot of incompetent medical personal out there. How else do explain people getting the wrong leg amputated, or babies getting switched, or people discovering they have been hauling surgical implements inside them, because someone forgot to count how many sponges or clamps were used. That Dorito comment would be funny except I bet someone somewhere has probably already had that happen. :opps:

  4. Well that didn’t work! That was supposed to be an opps face, and what’s with pps: that’s not supposed to happen! Oh well, better luck next time. 🙄

  5. I understood what you were talking about…I agree you need to see your neurosurgeon! Also agree with an earlier post that there are too many idiots working in healthcare. I used to see them everyday at the hospital I worked. You hang in there and if you’re not satisfied with answers or non answers you keep knocking on someone elses door.

  6. AZ, my gut keeps telling me the first neurosurgeon left something behind in my brain. My instincts are pretty good. That numbskull didn’t even countersink my skull screws. Yes, I did fire this idiot. The screws all came out. Yes, I had loose screws. I had to get a second neurosurgeon the remove them.

    I’m trying to get that referrl to the neurosurgeon, Connie. I went over there yesterday to pick up my films and requested again to see the neurosurgeon I had seen before they I liked. They acted like they had never heard my request. I don’t know what’s up with them. Maybe they’ll consider it now. Hard to say.

  7. Only thing that makes no sense is your neurologist’s reaction. Keep me posted.

  8. Yeah, finally got an email back from him last night but it is still all screwy. I don’t know what is up with him.

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