Basketball Gelato

basketball_gelatoI can’t decide if this looks delicious or crazy, like “Look out! It’s a basketball gelato and Magic Johnson’s gonna try ‘n shoot a 3 pointer.” Usually gelato is soft and lays down like an Italian ice cream sea. It doesn’t poof itself up into a basketball and set up for a play. I don’t know quite what to make of it. And no, I did not eat any. I guess that destroys the old theory Southerners will eat anything. And I love ice cream but I tell ya Pa this just seemed right unnatural.

8 Responses to “Basketball Gelato”

  1. I don’t see very many places that sell Gelato here in Arizona, I’ve seen it on menus at Italian restaurants, but I’m not particularly fond of ice cream so Gelato is way down on my list of wants. It is interesting to look at, I wonder how they made the design on the Gelato basketballs? 😕

  2. They do look a little strange, but I would have had to try some.

  3. Ummmm…looks kinda yummy to me! Pass me a spoon please.

  4. AZ, I actually got hooked on gelato in Arizona. There used to be a little store somewhere and I can’t think of where now I would drive to and get a small cup. I love the stuff. So much better there regular ice cream. I have no idea how they make that design.

    I confess Steve. I have eaten the gelato there. Very few places in the city that I will pass up gelato… or ice cream. If you stick one of those stands on the street or mall, I will come. I will eat.

    Agreed Connie. Throw that ball my way.

  5. Karen and I are lactose intolerant these days. I can take Lactaid, but it doesn’t work for her. Depressing, eh?

    These look like durian to me. Karen says they look like peach pits.

  6. They do look like peach pits. I would die if I could not eat ice cream. Love the stuff.

  7. Nothing worse than being lactose intolerant, I read about it and they say Japanese as a group are largely lactose intolerant, but I’m also half Mexican and I want cheese! Cheese on my tacos, enchiladas, refried beans, quesadillas, omlets, nachos, hell put cheese on a lug nut and I’ll eat it! Sorry, got carried away!

  8. My fav? Cheese on a flour tortilla, microwaved a bit and cut into pieces and shared with the dogs.

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