I’m Good

6 Responses to “I’m Good”

  1. I don’t like diet cola, but this was good.

  2. I think this is hilarious. I love guys that say, “I’m good.” They’ve been run over by a train, but they’re good.

  3. I thought this was hysterical. I laughed my A off.

  4. I did too Connie. I keep watching it and laugh every time.

  5. Significant other was installing a fluorescent light fixture in the garage once, he said something about “hope I don’t screw up” he disappeared into the garage and a few seconds later there was a loud pop and a bright flash of light. He was “good” alright, just not at electrical work.

  6. LOL! Too too funny. I like the pre-announcement, “hope I don’t screw up.”

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