E*Trade Baby Outtakes

6 Responses to “E*Trade Baby Outtakes”

  1. There are a bunch of E-trade babies. Really funny stuff. I like the Golf baby.

  2. LOL! Shankapottamus. I love that one too. They are all so funny. Hard to pick which ones to post. I was going to just post one, but I broke down and posted two.

  3. They’re well done. But who has money to invest in stock?

  4. No one and E*trade is going broke too.

  5. I wish I could have been sitting at the table of the advertising agency when the guy in the three piece suit and Gucci shoes said “talking babies” we’re building your new advertising blitz with talking babies. Yeah, right like anybody’s gonna listed to talking babies! Pure genius!

  6. AZ, how did they ever get this past the suits in the ad department. It is hilarious though. Great ads.

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