LG CU500 Bastard or MAC or Me?

rug_dogI upgraded my MAC’s operating and now I can no longer use my USB cord to take pictures off my cell phone and load them into my computer. I get this error message – “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.” I have spent days trying to fix this problem. I have talked to the AT&T people in India. AT&T, please fire these people ASAP. I have talked to the LG customer service, who are great. I have talked to the AT&T people at their store on Market Street in San Francisco. I went to the “Genius Bar” at the Apple store in downtown San Francisco. I have spent days on the internet doing my own research and working it out. Finally I went to my little corner store, the genius man I suspect of selling stolen phones. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Dead in the water. Sigh. So, now I’m using my husband’s PC. You have no idea how difficult that is. He has so many anti viral, anti theft, anti meme, anti mini, anti scripting dealios on his computer, it takes me forever to get off one tiny picture of one one tiny dog. Please LG I beg you. Save me from my husband’s computer. Send me something to correct this mass storage device error.


4 Responses to “LG CU500 Bastard or MAC or Me?”

  1. Go see Anthony. Probably won’t cost more than $70,

  2. I love this picture!! How cute is that pup!

  3. I’m not a Mac user, but I get the similar prompt on my PC using Vista Home Premium if I insert a disc out of sequence. For example, I want to copy photos off my hard drive so I just insert a disc knowing that I’m gonna need it in a second, but when I try to copy pictures to the disc I get a prompt that my computer cannot use or read the disc in my DVD drive. Soooo, the next time I try it I don’t insert my disc until I’m prompted to and then the sucker works just fine. It’s really frustrating, like how does the frackin’ machine know when I insert the fricken’ disc in the first place!

    Little Dog is getting really gray about the snout and eyes.

  4. HA! That comment cracks me up. I have to admit I’m getting way too much comedy out of that mess.

    She is cute but ornery.

    Yeah, it’s a mass storage device problem. the machines are smarter than we are now. They are gonna be charging on our credit cards soon. Little dog is SO gray. I think she is going to turn all gray soon. She is 15 this year. God bless her little rotten soul.

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