Running with the Fat Head

On Thursday, my epilepsy doc forwarded this info from the neuroradiologist…
If it’s real (meaning the tumor growth) it may have been present before, just that it’s so small that it was averaged out on the old scans which were obtained with lower resolution, so I can’t be sure if that’s just some focal postop dural thickening or recurrent tumor. On follow-up we should do some thin section images through that area to more confidently rule in or rule out that there’s anything there.

Huh? If it’s real? What does that mean? I suspect a few things:
1) The first radiologist who read the current MRI was smoking crack and not sharing.
2) There is a huge difference in the scanning equipment from the current scan and past scans and that may be the whole problem, and indeed there is no change in da brain.

And did the neuroradiologist just call me a fat head? Is that what postop dural thickening means? So, I emailed my epilepsy doc back and asked when was the follow up. When were they taking some thin section images through area 51 of my brain? His reply was, “In 6 months.” All righty then. I can just hold on to my horse, or Shetland ponies until then.

In other news…
I’m not sure if you remember that gypsy who chased me up the street because I asked him to take down the Marlboro sign he nailed on the tree in front of the cigarette store he had just taken over. I really don’t understand how things work around her much any more, but one thing I do understand is you don’t nail big ass cigarette signs on trees by the bus stop the elementary school kids use. Yeah, I smoked when I was a kid. And yeah, I got cancer. Maybe that has something to do with my attitude towards the Marlboro sign and the gypsy sponsoring it. And yeah, I’m a tree hugger. Anyway, here’s a reporter who got treated to a what a got treated to except the gypsy didn’t come after the reporter in a car, like he did me. It’s the first story in the report.


5 Responses to “Running with the Fat Head”

  1. gallimaufrieswiththat Says:

    would make more sense to me if they did the fine cuts NOW and again in six months. Or is that too rational? I mean, if they do the fine cuts in 6 months and see something, they’ll be wishing they had fine cuts from six months ago to compare to. But, hey, it’s not like I’m a frickin neurologist.

  2. Anthony is a trip. These scams have been going on for a very very long time and will continue as long as there is someone willing to pay. I wonder if they could get the squirrels to go into the bird house. And how much it would cost me.

  3. That makes perfect sense, Galli. That’s probably why they won’t do it. I’m just going with their plan now because they the doctors with the medical degrees AND they’re the specialists.

    LOL!!! We would have to pay Anthony to build a wax squirrel hut and burn it on a hill to get the squirrels to go in it.

  4. Hey, that sounds like VooDoo.

  5. LOL! It does.

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