Ride, Sally, Ride

az_mustangThis is AZ’s ’72 Mustang. I’d like to think I’m the Queen of Cheap, but there’s no way I can claim that tiara when AZ paid a little under $3,000 for a Mustang convertible and drove her Sally for more than 30 years. She sold her baby for $7,000, essentially a free ride. What a beauty!

In case you don’t read the comments, AZ said this, “I was so poor when I bought it that I had to finance it for four years, my payments were about $27 a month. The first time a got a few extra bucks I bought chrome rims and baby moons for it, but I could only afford two rims at a time, so when I had them mounted I told the guy to mount the chrome rims on the back and leave the stock rims and hubcaps in front. He said, why don’t you mount the chrome rims on one side that way you can impress 50% of the people, he had a point — so that’s what I did. It took me another couple of months to buy the second set of rims and baby moons to put on the other side. I drove that Mustang for 30+ years. I also bought a lifetime guarantee battery from J.C. Penney’s right after I bought the Mustang and I never had to pay for another battery in 30 years, now that‘s C-H-E-A-P.

In an email AZ wrote, “She was my daily driver for all those years, she only left me stranded once, and she died right in front of a Checker Auto Parts. How considerate was that? She was a perfect girl’s car. She got me to where I was going in style and she turned heads her entire life. She looked good because her last paint job was $3,000. The guy who bought it thought it was newly painted, but I think the paint job was 9 years old when I sold her.

When we sold her I told my hubby all I wanted out of the car was her original purchase price and the price of the paint job. I got what I wanted, everybody said I could have gotten more, but I was looking for a good owner that would love her and take care of her.

That’s the new owner standing by the car. He bought it for his wife. Lucky devil.


6 Responses to “Ride, Sally, Ride”

  1. Nice looking Mustang. Cars cost a lot less back then. Of course we made a lot less.

  2. Ralph Nader must have been nuts when he wrote that convertibles were “Unsafe at Any Speed.”

  3. She is a classic, a beauty. Something to hold in your heart with a 302 with a V-8. Tearing up dreams and reality, but mostly road.

    Ralph Nadar believed in what he was doing, AZ. That line has typically been tagged with the Covairs. I loved the Covairs. I loved Gremlins. Call me weird. I personally think Ralphie lost a lot of followers when he went after the hot dog. By God, that’s unAmerican. One year I’m going to count how many hot dogs my husband eats. It’s in the hundreds. I’m sure.

  4. I thought the 70’s AMC Javelin was a sexy car, but then again I though the AMC Pacer would have lasted longer too!

    My favorite way to eat a hot dog is cold, I guess I should call it a cold dog, but several years ago they said it was dangerous to eat cold wieners so I had to give ’em up, or should I say I had to heat ’em up. I know it controversial but I put mustard, pickle relish, ketchup, and onions on my dogs, how do you eat yours?

  5. I never liked the Javelin too much but I think it was used for racing for a bit. Now, I loved the Pacer until Mike Myers picked it up for one of his movies. Then everyone loved it. I thought AMC made some butt ugly but great cars for a few years. Unique. I would give anything to have a purple gremlin and drop a different engine in it.

    My favorite way is to lean over and eat my hubby’s hot dogs. I know that sounds bad but he fixes them just right and I can’t seem to fix them the way he can. He puts cheese and relish and mustard – I think. He heats the buns too. I usually eat fish on the nights he eats hot dogs.

  6. One of my boyfriends used to drive a Gran Torino. Now they have that movie out. Honestly, that car was a piece of junk. right now, I’m calling the small dog, “Gran Torino.”

    AZ, I bet you could have blown most of the cars off the road with your Mustang. What a beauty too.

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