Tally Ho

Tomorrow we go to LA to see my hubby’s great aunt. She’s 95. She was living in Concord until her husband died, and then she moved into a rest home near her kids. We were seeing her fairly regularly when she lived up this way. I miss her. She’s one of these straight shooters who tells you what’s on her mind whether it’s good or bad, whether you’re gonna like it or not. Hell, she’s 95. She might as well.

She lived all over the world with her husband. Her husband worked for a banana company. They told fantastic tales of their lives, replete with stories of earthquakes, kidnappings, and banana plantations. It was a world so far removed from mine it seemed like a daydream.

I don’t go many places. I am fascinated by people who do. I always thought I would. I knew in my heart I would leave that damnable farm and travel the world. Instead, I got a job. I worked, got cancer, a brain tumor, and now I’m too scared to run further than a couple of blocks from the emergency rooms. I don’t know how I would explain to someone in France that I had a Chicklet remnant of a brain tumor that wants to regrow into a full stick of Juicy Fruit gum and it just caused me to fall down a flight of stairs in their train station. Oui.

So, tomorrow I’m going to travel the only way I know how – in the Big Beat Up Buick with my Big Guy driving down I-5. Amir, our mechanic, has repaired the Buick twice now. It’s still leaking oil. Tonight, some do hickey fell off the seat exposing a bird’s nest of wires and both of us scrambled around in the garage looking for the duct tape. We couldn’t find it. We wrapped the mess with electrical tape. Hubby decided to check our route on some internet interactive roadway site. He found a big freaking snowstorm on I-5 just north of LA. The only smart thing I’ve done so far is buy some chocolate covered raisins and raw cashews for the trip, but we nervously ate most of them watching the weather report. Did I mention our gas gauge is broken?

I hope we make it. I guess this is what traveling is about. Adventure. We are actually staying at the rest home, if you can imagine. They have “guest rooms.” Why am I thinking, “you can check in but you can never check out?” Why am I thinking Bates Motel? Why am I hoping the bedroom door locks? Why did my husband ask me if we have our own bathroom? Why do I think we are going to cause some ruckus in the rest home?


8 Responses to “Tally Ho”

  1. gallimaufrieswiththat Says:

    Have yourselves a safe trip. Be careful coming over the Grapevine. Got chains? Sounds like a chains kinda day.

    Don’t give anyone any heart attacks.

  2. Enjoy the trip and arrive safe.

  3. I hope you have a fun trip. Take great care in the weather. I laughed my butt off at the Bates Motel comment! Somehow I can see that! Go ahead and stir things up a bit. All those little old people would probably enjoy it! Have a great adventure.

  4. How is the Tante?

  5. I did not know what the grapevine was. Now I do. I saw snow. I saw a snowplow. I gave myself a heart attack.

    Thanks Steve. We had a great time.

    We had a grand adventure. The old people were all really nice. The rest home was cool. Our room was palatial. We basically just hob nobbed around the place like we belonged there.

    Tante was really good. The place suits her. We played some scrabble. Of course I should say my hubby cheated on some scrabble with her until she figured out how to get the computer to challenge him and then she soundly beat the fool out of him. Then we went out to lunch and around to some places and went to her kid’s for dinner. We had a blast. I miss her.

  6. Glad that your trip was good. We are getting snow this morning. We’ll be out of town for a few days.

  7. Oooooo, I remember the Grapevine, it was the first time I saw hills turn to liquid in a torrential rain. It was also the first time I saw vehicles changing lanes involuntarily because of the cross-winds cutting through the canyons. I can’t imagine what the Grapevine would be like with snow on it, but I did hear on the news “to take precautions because there was snow on the Grapevine.”

    Glad to hear that K’s Great Aunt was doin’ good!

  8. Take care Steve and have a good one.

    AZ, I’ve never heard of this Grapevine and now that we have traveled it, I hear all these horror stories. I’m kind of glad we are back. We are thinking of going and seeing her again soon. She is doing good but you never know at 95 how long someone is going to be around.

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