taco_truckI was at the taco truck today. I like the truck’s pickled carrots and radishes that come gratis with the cheap tacos. I took a picture of two highway patrolmen eating off the hoods of their cars in the adjacent parking lot. They didn’t notice. I stared at the pay phone. Why does everything in Oakland have to be tagged, trashed or torn up? No seats or benches grace the taco truck’s vicinity so once you get your food you either stand and eat it on the spot, or go to your car and spill food on your seats. My husband and I prefer to stand and eat our tacos amidst the pigeon traffic on the sidewalk. Today, some greaseball pigeon showed up. I’m not sure what happened to him. I confess. I have no sympathy for pigeons. In fact, in my youth, I’ve spent many afternoons, blasting the tail feathers out of the rumps of pigeons fowling our barns. But this guy, he almost made me weep mid carrot. He was covered in grease. I never feed these pigeons at the taco truck. NEVER. EVER. But this pigeon’s neck looked like it had already been rung and then rerung. His wings were stuck to his sides. His whole body was an oil slick. I gave the pigeon whatever he asked for. Taco. Cheese. Tortilla. My credit card. My cell phone number. I knew he couldn’t fly. He was covered in oil. The poor dear. And then an ambulance came by and scared him. He took off and hit me in the calf and left some unidentifiable stain on my jeans that I’m sure my stain stick can’t get out. The little jerk.


4 Responses to “Pigeon”

  1. I know all taggers are not Mexican, but if you go to a predominantly Mexican neighborhood everything is tagged, I’m half Mexican and I’ve haven’t got a clue why people violate their neighborhoods like that, but you know what caught my eye — a pay phone! We don’t have pay phones in our area, I haven’t see a pay phone in years! Wow, I didn’t think they existed anywhere, I thought cell phones killed all the pay phones of the world! I guess I’m wrong because right before my eyes there’s a pay phone!

    As for the pigeon, I’m thinkin’ the poor thing flew into someone’s container of oil they drained from their car. It looks like water from a distance, Mr. Pigeon probably decided to take a bath, and instead landed up in a man-made La Brea Tar Pit.

  2. I did not know that AZ. That area where the taco truck is totally Hispanic. There is this long warehouse I have been trying to get a picture of that is so tagged it is a work of art. We still have pay phones here all over the place. We have a lot of people without cells.

    I laughed at your “man made La Brea Tar Pit” but I’m sure that is what happened to him now. I could not figure it out. I was sure he could not fly, but he managed when the ambulance scared him.

  3. I think the pay telephone is a the closeset thing some of the taggers have for a library. They don’t need a card and don’t have to spend a lot of time reading.

  4. OMG! I laughed so hard at your comment, Steve. PRICELESS!!!!

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