copalleyThe cop sits and waits through the rain. I saw him out the sushi restaurant window. The cops and the fire trucks mostly use that alley. The regulars don’t park there. When I walk by sometimes, I see the fire truck sitting with the firemen and woman wandering around the burg, getting coffee and groceries. I was surprised to learn somebody had complained about the fire trucks parking in the alley. Figures. People complain about petty things and skip the important stuff. I noticed the French bakery has stopped giving out free samples. I should complain about that. Free food’s important. Long’s drugs is becoming CVS, and CVS is getting rid of some of Long’s stock, like sun block. I should complain about that. And what about the pizza place on the corner. I have yet to get over the last delivery I got from them. They dropped the whole pizza and the dough with all the toppings. It all slid onto itself into a fourth of the box. Okay, I did complain about that. I didn’t order my last pizza from them because I can’t stop thinking about that slide over. It looked like pizza landslide, pizza topping mix master or vomit in a box – one of the three – take your pick.

So, when I wanted to order take out pizza this time, I did what I know. I went to the internet and ordered a pizza from there. $12.99 for some vegetable feast. It looked beautiful. No barf in a box AND if it wasn’t ready for pick up in 30 minutes the sucker was free. Hubby launched for the pizza place at the precise second and came home with 2 pizzas rather then one.

“What happened?” I asked.

“The pizza guy made the old vegetable feast rather than the new one,” hubby said.

“There’s an old and a new?” I asked.

“Apparently,” he said.

“Did you catch the mistake?” I asked.

“No, pizza dude did,” he said. “So, he gave us an old and a new vege feast.”

I opened both boxes and stared at the pizzas. “Which is which?”

“You got me,” hubby said.

We ate the pizzas slowly, thinking about the internet ordering and the honesty of the pizza dude.

“Whad’ya think?” I asked.

“Eh, the crust tastes like cardboard,” hubby said. “I almost prefer the slide over. That had more vegetables, even if they were all in a pile.”


8 Responses to “Complaining”

  1. They actually dropped the pizza and didn’t take it back and bring you a new one for free? What’s that matter with the world today! If I was the delivery person I would have knocked on your door and said: “Hello, I’m the Klutz that delivers pizza for ___?___, I’m sorry but I dropped your pie and seriously rearranged the toppings, it looks like pizza soup now. I need to go back to the shop and have another one made for you. There won’t be a charge for the pie because you have been so patient. Would this be acceptable to you or would you rather kick my ass and order something from someone else? ” That’s what I would have done.

  2. Oh what a great comeback for messing up a pizza. AZ you should train delivery people for all the pizza chains! I loved it!!!

  3. OMG, AZ. I laughed so hard at your comment. I wish they had done that. I wish you had seen the big guy when he opened the box to that mess. One thing you don’t do is mess with my Big Guy’s food when he is hungry. He called those A-holes up at the pizza place and gave them the what for but they said it would be something like 40 minutes before they could get us another pizza. My husband hung up on them.

    I agree Connie. AZ would have solved the problem and we would still be customers of that pizza place. We had been going there for 8 years. Now? No more.


    Back in the mid-70’s when I was newly divorced and workin’ real hard to keep my head above water, I met a dude who worked for the State of Arizona Department of Administration, Division of Library Archives and Public Records as a messenger, he was also struggling to make ends meet, and to supplement his income he worked as a pizza delivery dude after work each day. Anywho, when he was delivering interoffice mail to me during the day he told me that he was allowed one free pizza when he left work each night, and since a large pizza was more than he could eat he would share it with me if I wanted. So starving little ol’ me said “you betcha!” So for a long time he would appear at my door, piping hot pizza in hand and many times it was the only meal I managed to have with my $4 a week food budget. He was a life saver, and in homage to his kindness and generosity I have made it my life’s work to be kind to pizza delivery guys (and gals) who darken my doorway with cold, incorrectly topped, and thin crust instead of thick crust pizzas. I explain to them that the order is not exactly what I ordered, but since hunger is my utmost priority I will accept the pizza as delivered and here’s your tip because I owe a debt to all pizza delivery dudes because in my time of need one of you was there for me. THANK YOU PIZZA DUDE, but then again nobody has ever delivered a dropped pizza to my door either, that might change my “be kind to pizza dudes“ credo.

  5. This was an enjoyable read. Loved the comments. We have pizza delivery in the area, but seldom use them. Just don’t like what we get. Usually cold and the toppings are almost always wrong. We’ll call in an order and I’ll pick it up.

  6. AZ this is a great and wonderful story. I think there are a lot of people out there who have been saved from starving to death by pizza dudes. I know my ex husband was when he got out of the Navy. Apparently his best friend worked at some fly by night pizza place. Every night at some randomly agreed upon time, his best friend would yell out, “I burned it” and shoved a whole pizza pie in the box and sailed it into the back alley where my ex would be waiting. He probably would have starved that year if it hadn’t been for his friend and Navy education benefits.

    Steve, I think that is the way to go with the pizza. We have found out the hard way. We have to call or internet order and then go get it and the pizza place. That way no one drops it and you can check the order at the store.

  7. Driver, are you still opposed to being listed on a blog roll? I’d like to add you to the squirrel blog, but if you prefer not too, okay by me.

  8. I’d consider it an honor to be listed on the squirrel blogroll. Thanks.

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