The Bad Teeth

bad_teethThe one on the right is the wisdom tooth that was parked horizontally below my jaw line. The one on the left is the gold crowned molar that hurt for no apparent reason until it was pulled, and then the reason was apparent. See that black tip on the root there. That was the rod. The dentist who did the root canal drove the rod straight through the root and out the back into the side of the impacted wisdom tooth. They’re both extracted now, lying on their little gauze where they belong.

The oral surgeon called this afternoon to see how the pain was. Zilch. Maybe it will catch up with me tomorrow, or maybe he pulled all the pain out and it’s lying on the gauze. I don’t know. One thing I do know. I’m glad they don’t sell Valium at the liquor store because I’d buy a six pack or two of that whack-a-doo. You can get some good woozy and sleep off of that drug. I dreamt of ice cream sandwiches, a kind with crimped edges and dark biscuit wafer outers. The ice cream was smooth and creamy. I think I was in Europe eating the ice cream sandwiches, sitting at a small sidewalk café with people walking by with French poodles wearing tams. I was sorry I woke up.


4 Responses to “The Bad Teeth”

  1. Seeing those teeth reminds me of how much I hate getting teeth pulled, I hate the sound they make as they crunch and grind out of my jaw bone. I think I just made myself a little ill…

    Don’t you wish you could go back to the dentist that did the root canal and demand your money back for the substandard work? I bet if you took that tooth in they’d have some excuse about how you chewed to hard and forced the wire through the root all on you own.

  2. Glad that it went well. When I was younger, I was an avid racketball player, though not very good. I screwed my back up playing and nothing would help until they gave me Valium. Talk about a wonder drug. It did the trick, but I no longer play the game.

  3. So glad you are pain free today. Yippee for valium…that is some goooood stuff! Seriously, I am so glad that this procedure is behind you. I hate dentist!

  4. AZ, I’m thinking about taking that tooth back to them. It’s obscene that wire sticking through there. It was weird how it was poking into the wisdom tooth too. But then I’d really like to go back to the brain surgeon and rip on his ass a while.

    Yeah, Steve it is a wonder drug. I’ve been plotting some speeches in my mind that I’m going to deliver to my epilepsy doc on why I need Valium. I wonder if he will see through my little plea. He gives me ativan which is some sort of animal tranquilizer. Not really but it is about like a valium, only makes you addicted in a short period of time. I guess like valium, but not as much fun.

    Yeah, Connie no pain still still except for the back of my head where I had the brain surgery. I like how that always has to act up when something is supposed to be in pain. It thinks it needs to do something, anything, even if its the wrong thing.

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